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August 2, 2004
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why i hate new york and the song "why i hate new york"

1 why i hate new york

garbage, illness, stress, noise, pollution, terror alerts, drugs, fury,
homelessness, mental incapacity, vandalism, mayor, governor, president,
price of living, standard of living, robberies, lack of safety net, poor
schooling, stupidity, short library hours, bureaucracy, crime, fear,
paranoia, 9/12, racism, sexism, machismo, street cred, ripoffs, health
care, hospital policies, hmo policies, thermal inversions, rain, snow,
heat, cold, cruelty to animals, battered pigeons, pit bulls, low minimum
wage, building maintenance, rotting pipes, falling walls, collapsing roofs
(pronounced rooves), brownouts, blackouts, fires, fire sirens, car
speakers, poverty, rundown housing, ruins, police sirens, water leaks,
water impurities, soot, dust, pollen, exhaust, gangs, hatreds, muggings,
robberies, murders, muggers, robbers, murderers, threats, fights,
beatings, swastikas, screams, stabbings, stabbers, beaters, threateners,
grifters, blackmail, blackmailers, and me.

2 the song, "why i hate new york"

blackmail, blackmail, me. illness, stress, garbage, and blackmailers, me.
illness, noise, illness, me. and me. illness, pollution, noise, garbage,
me. me. illness, pollution, terror stress, me. me. illness, terror alerts,
pollution, garbage, me. garbage, pollution, drugs, alerts, stress,
illness, pollution, drugs, drugs, pollution, illness, illness, pollution,
fury, homelessness, alerts, stress, illness, pollution, fury, mental fury,
pollution, stress, pollution, fury, incapacity, mental alerts, noise,
pollution, fury, incapacity, incapacity, fury, terror pollution, drugs,
incapacity, mayor, mental drugs, terror drugs, incapacity, mayor,
vandalism, homelessness, alerts, drugs, incapacity, governor, governor,
incapacity, drugs, drugs, incapacity, governor, president, mayor,
homelessness, fury, incapacity, governor, price president, incapacity,
homelessness, mental governor, of price mayor, mental incapacity,
governor, living, living, president, incapacity, incapacity, governor,
living, standard of mayor, vandalism, governor, living, of standard
president, mayor, governor, living, living, of of governor, governor, of
living, robberies, standard price president, of living, lack living, of
president, of living, of lack standard of of living, of of living, living,
living, living, of net, lack of living, of of poor safety robberies,
standard of of poor poor of living, living, of schooling, schooling, net,
robberies, living, of schooling, short schooling, of robberies, of
schooling, short stupidity, net, lack of schooling, library library
schooling, safety of poor library hours, short net, safety poor library
bureaucracy, hours, schooling, net, poor library crime, crime, short poor
poor library crime, fear, hours, stupidity, schooling, library crime,
paranoia, crime, short stupidity, short crime, 9/12, paranoia, hours,
short library crime, racism, racism, crime, library library crime, racism,
sexism, paranoia, bureaucracy, library crime, racism, machismo, racism,
fear, hours, crime, racism, street machismo, 9/12, crime, crime, 9/12,
street cred, sexism, fear, crime, 9/12, street ripoffs, street 9/12, fear,
9/12, street health ripoffs, sexism, paranoia, 9/12, street health health
street racism, 9/12, street health care, ripoffs, sexism, racism,
machismo, health hospital care, street sexism, machismo, health policies,
policies, ripoffs, machismo, street health hmo hmo care, cred, street
health hmo policies, policies, health cred, health hmo thermal policies,
care, ripoffs, health hmo inversions, inversions, policies, health health
policies, inversions, rain, thermal hospital care, policies, inversions,
snow, inversions, hmo hospital policies, inversions, heat, snow, thermal
policies, policies, inversions, heat, cold, rain, hmo hmo inversions,
heat, cruelty heat, thermal hmo thermal heat, to cruelty rain, policies,
thermal heat, to to heat, inversions, inversions, heat, animals, battered
cruelty rain, inversions, heat, animals, pigeons, animals, heat, rain,
heat, animals, pigeons, pigeons, cruelty snow, heat, to pit pit animals,
cold, heat, to pit bulls, pigeons, to cold, to pit low bulls, battered
cruelty to pit minimum minimum pit to to pit minimum wage, low battered
animals, pigeons, minimum building wage, pit battered pigeons, minimum
maintenance, building low pigeons, pit minimum rotting rotting wage, pit
pit minimum rotting pipes, maintenance, low bulls, minimum rotting falling
pipes, wage, low minimum rotting walls, falling maintenance, minimum
minimum maintenance, walls, collapsing pipes, building wage, maintenance,
walls, roofs walls, maintenance, wage, maintenance, walls, (pronounced
roofs pipes, maintenance, maintenance, walls, (pronounced (pronounced
walls, rotting rotting walls, (pronounced brownouts, roofs falling rotting
falling (pronounced rooves


Photo Poem for Murat Nemetphoto-Nejat

misin?  general possession photo-urduysa past verb, person progressive
photo-uyordu miydi?  conditional you-singular, present, 1st interrogative
positive present inferential person, 3rd past, 2nd interrogative, 1st,
photo-urdunuz photo-ur a singular, photo-uyorsunuz photo-urdum in plural,
general, relationship, misiniz?  miydin?  object photo-urduysanuz
photo-urmus,un - photo-uyordun, photo-urduysam noun, by progressive,
photo-urduysam, photo-uyordun photo-urduysanuz, relationship possession,
2nd, inferential, photo-urduk owner, photo-un photo-urdu photo-urmus,um
miydik?  owned, photo-uyordum photo-ur, owned photo-uyorlar
photo-urmus,sunuz me, miyiz?  case inferential.

 	pico zz
 	perl a/ > yy
 	pico yy
 	pico a/
 	perl a/ >> yy
 	pico yy
 	sed 's/-/photo-/g' yy > zz
 	pico zz
 	sed 's/[()]/ - /g' zz > yy
 	mv yy zz
 	pico zz
 	sed 's/ - /, /g' zz > yy
 	pico yy
 	sed 's/\? /?  /g' yy > zz; pico zz
 	sed 's/youphoto/you/g' zz > yy
 	pico yy
 	perl a/ < yy > zz
 	pico zz


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