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August 9, 2004

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folding straws

Jo Knits!: LOL! I need to go to the Chinatown today and get more of these
folding straws. Hopefully these will keep me busy while traveling and away
from home. ... Dark Prince of Pop - Here Come The Planes i had a dream of
Chinese girls I had a dream of Chinese girls folding straws and making
matches as if I'm not in love enough already I don't like much of what
Power Plant A Lamborghini configuration is the same except that it is
folded in the transmission to put the engine in the trunk! It's like the
folding straws! i'll prove it to U..... sch..sianz.. ... like shit man
that sch....yukes*no the time the finish renovating the sch
we at ploy le home folding straws....trying to sugar paper in
green with the body of a butterfly drawn on them, square pieces of
colourful sugar paper for folding, straws In identified area grouped by
skill areas and goals. Lorraine M. McDonnell and Craig ... and i was
holding my bunch off red and white straws..( still into folding straws
hehe...) then up the stairs.. then lioness appeared.. walked in my
direction.. ...


caught napping

white stars in a white sky


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 21:27:23 GMT
From: NARAL Pro-Choice America <>
To: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: Pro-choice t-shirt gets family booted from Bush rally

NARAL Pro-Choice America
NEWS: Pro-choice t-shirt gets family kicked out of Bush rally!

Get the shirt that will get YOU booted from a Bush rally, while
they last! Click here:

This unbelievable report just in from Michigan!

It's true. My family and I were kicked out of a Bush rally last
week because of my NARAL Pro-Choice America t-shirt. They ripped
up our tickets and told us, "We don't accept any pro-choice,
non-Republican paraphernalia."

What this told me about Bush was, "If you're pro-choice, you're
not welcome in his campaign." That's why when NARAL Pro-Choice
America asked me to support their work, including electing a
pro-choice president, I said, "Absolutely."

Now you can show the Bush team you won't be silenced by wearing
your very own BANNED-BY-BUSH t-shirt. When you buy your t-shirt,
the proceeds will support the very cause to which the Bush
campaign objected: protecting women's privacy rights and choice.
Click here to get yours today:

The Saginaw News told my unbelievable story, "The family reports
that 'a young male campaign worker confiscated the offending
apparel upon the family's 4:30 p.m. arrival. He returned with
two others and asked the trio to leave about an hour later...
The guard then grabbed their three tickets from Barbara Miller's
hand, ripped them up 'violently' and told her, 'They're no good
anymore,' she said."

Afterward, my husband told the newspaper, "I was probably voting
for Kerry before. Now I'm 100 percent sure. Maybe I'll start
campaigning for him. Maybe I'll start fund-raising." So when
NARAL Pro-Choice America called and asked me to help them elect
a pro-choice president by telling my story, I didn't hesitate.

Take a lesson from my family -- It's not just our right to
choose that Bush doesn't accept, but our freedom of speech, too.

Show Bush he can't tell us what to do with our reproductive
health and he can't tell us what to wear. $30 gets you your own
BANNED-BY-BUSH t-shirt. Click here to wear it with pride
wherever you go. Not only will you receive the t-shirt Bush
loves to hate, but all t-shirt proceeds will be used to support
the very cause to which the Bush Campaign objected: ensuring
that a woman's right to choose remains private, safe and legal.

And if you live in Michigan, support our NARAL Pro-Choice
America affiliate, MARAL Pro-Choice Michigan, by clicking here
and learning what you can do right here in Michigan to protect

Barbara Miller,
Pro-Choice American

:: Click here to read Michigan's Saginaw News article about the

:: Click here to check out what our own Bush v. Choice bloggers
have to say on the subject.

Paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice America, Inc. and not endorsed by any candidate or
candidate's committee.

(c) 2004, NARAL Pro-Choice America, 1156 15th Street NW,
Washington, D.C. 20005

If you would like to unsubscribe from NARAL Pro-Choice America's
Choice Action Network, you can visit your subscription
management page at:

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k18% live from new york

k18% live from new york
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k19% demonstrations are banned
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k20% helicopters are banned
ksh: helicopters: not found
k21% divers are banned
ksh: divers: not found
k22% terrorists are banned
ksh: terrorists: not found
k23% comforts are banned
ksh: comforts: not found
k24% freedoms are banned
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k25% bombings are coming
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k26% violence is coming
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k27% violence is here
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k28% fury is banned
ksh: fury: is here


This is a pretty terrific list - Alan

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From: System Administrator <>
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'fucking mental cripple'

i'm a fucking mental cripple, to use a coined phrase, sitting in front of
this machine hour after hour, as if the whole world's in it, when I know
damned well it's addictive. i used to think it wasn't, just something i
could walk away from, a corner for my art, now i've got constant headaches
and can't stop taking pills for them, i'm on just about everybody's kill
files, a literary spam nuisance to the rest of the world, not even a hyper
link to save my faltering web pages given me by the grace of some fucking
charitable god. i keep putting ill-earned dollars into this equipment
which needs far too much updating for an unemployed permanent non-worker
who fucks up at every chance of getting nothing done whatsoever. or should
i go for disability given my complete failure at work, mucking up here and
there whenever i can. it's a wonder i have a partner or any friends at
all, the screen's already shimmering at the edges as my eyes can't focus
and i'm getting closer to a migraine by the minute. should i take the
codeine again, because if i don't the headache will spread just like it
does daily and furious in the frontal lobes or somewhere around there, my
eyes feeling as if a hammer had hit them, and all this when i'm awake,
which isn't too often, as a result of depression or maybe unnaturally low
blood pressure, according to my doctor, who tells me to take coffee. as if
i didn't take coffee day in and day out, when i'm not eating fruit and
other sugary things. but nothing does any good, when i'm stammering in
front of the monitor, absorbing cancerous radiation almost every minute
of the bloody day with nothing to show for it but a text like this or a
goddamned pretty picture or video that lasts less time than a commercial
with a lot less sense. i should get up and die but i have to log off first
and that takes time, maybe set the whole thing to hibernate.

hibernate. hibernate. hibernate.  i'm i'm a a i'm i'm a fucking mental
mental fucking a fucking mental cripple, to cripple, mental mental
cripple, use a use to cripple, to a coined coined use to use coined
sitting sitting coined a a phrase, front front in coined coined sitting of
this of sitting phrase, sitting this hour hour of sitting in this after
hour, machine front in this hour, if hour, this front machine as whole the
after this machine if world's world's as machine hour if in when whole
hour, hour if it, know it, if after if it, damned know world's as if it,
it's it's when the if it, it's i well in the it, it's to i I whole in it's
it think well in in it's it just used I it, well wasn't, i it well when
damned it walk i used know damned it away away it well damned think away
corner i i well to away my from, it it's used walk art, my i i i could now
i've from, think used something art, headaches my something used just my
and constant away think wasn't, for can't can't for just wasn't, a can't
pills got could wasn't, from, and them, stop corner something walk
constant i'm them, now could could got on just and from, could now i'm
kill for my walk my for a about constant from, corner taking a a taking
for corner can't a nuisance just i've corner headaches kill rest a can't
for got about of the them, now now on of world, kill constant now for rest
even nuisance taking i've stop to hyper world, on got and literary link
hyper a can't headaches kill hyper my rest for headaches just even web


angel dreaming angel
god loving god


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