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August 10, 2004

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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 07:42:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Michael Szpakowski <>
To: HTBA <>, netbehaviour <>,
     pimatalk <>, webartery <>,
     rhizome <>
Subject: [webartery] john clare & alan sondheim in dub

A generative remix of the music & visuals from a movie
of a setting of Alan Sondheim�s completion of a poem
by John Clare:

about 1.5Mb I�m afraid�

the 'original' movie:


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W has disappeared. It's storming out - unbelievable fury out there - shouldn't 
finish this - would there be more? Thunder's stuttering - unbearable violence - 
natural slaughter - "I wouldn't want to be out in this storm" - lightning's 
strong enough to read by - UPS holding nicely - in Pennsylvania, home of Thor - 
hope you like "what I've been able to do in such brief time" - honestly I would 
have worked more on this - can hardly hear myself think - lightning's just 
about on top of me - no, this won't end with the false strike - I'm just 
protecting the machinery - "it's my dad's machine" -


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