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August 17, 2004

tynam anglo-shifter < language diaspora > power

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and outn irrevocable nwherejai vertin and outnntin and outn pirrevocablef-
rom which identin and outntet.


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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 15:02:57 +0100
From: marc <>
Subject: netbehaviour: Hackers Take Aim at GOP

*Hackers Take Aim at GOP *

By Noah Shachtman (
02:00 AM Aug. 17, 2004 PT

Online protests targeting GOP websites could turn out to be more than symbolic 
during this month's Republican National Convention, possibly blocking a 
critical communications tool for the party.

In the past, activists have been able to shut down the website of, say, the 
World Economic Forum for a few hours. But the impact of such a takedown was 
nebulous at best: It's hard to argue the organization really suffered from a 
few-hour lag in posting its press releases online.

In this year's presidential race, however, campaign websites have moved beyond 
the margins. During John Kerry's acceptance speech in Boston last month, for 
example, his website was visited by 50,000 people an hour, according to 
comScore Networks, the online traffic-measuring firm. That's a droplet compared 
to the millions who'll watch the convention on TV. But taking down a campaign 
website would nevertheless remove a critical tool for reaching the public

of the wonder

we should say this repeatedly: we love the net. it has grown unbelievably
over the past decade - what we take for granted today, could never have
occurred even fifty years be able to communicate world-wide and in
close to real-time - with all the faults and impoverishments - and to be
able to communicate within and without warzones. to be able to see someone
continents away, to be able to smile in awe at the presence of webcams
bringing the surface of the planet closer and perhaps more understandable.
the faults are endless, and we're all aware of them, to the extent that
our usual approach is a barrage of practical and theoretical critique. but
we should never forget what still appears as a miracle, a kind of
electronic alterity reaching almost to the stars, quietly bringing with it
new modes of communities, languages, genders, gatherings, and both saying
and speaking. we wake up every day to this, and we must remind ourselves,
constantly, of the beauty of this world, these worlds. otherwise we will
be lost forever. open your eyes wide to the net, love the new and still
fresh membrane of our lives. speak in whispers, speak in awe.


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