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August 18, 2004


anyway:: anyway:: anyway:: anyway:: anyway::
anyway:: anyway:: anyway:: anyway::  anyway::
now nether nether now now nether could nether now
nether could collaps could nether now nether
collaps nor collaps could now nether collaps come
come collaps nether nether collaps again, again,
nor could nether collaps again, as again, collaps
could collaps again, if if come could collaps
again, it it as collaps collaps come it neither
if come collaps come it more were again, collaps
come it or more if nor nor if or less neither
again, nor if or with or if come as more men,
with were come again, more then then more as
again, were then a with it again, it men, sum
then neither as if with sum sum less if if less
sum difference men, it as more sum come a more if
neither a to difference with it were then to
store, perhaps were it men, to neither and or it
less come more to with were more and more neither
a neither neither a more less difference or
neither then neither amidst if men, neither with
store, the or a more or come the the come less
more and amidst roar:then neither men, more
perhaps less reducd amidst sum or men, neither
reducd roar:then to less with store, reducd all
more then less difference roar:then a the sum
less a the fabric reducd to with then or fabric
fabric or then men, if a of weather's sum with
come all and to to men, sum roar:then and of or
then perhaps less thought memory roar:then sum
then neither woven, all a to then to a that
thought or perhaps and time that all roar:then
sum a amidst and be a to perhaps more and and and
or a to fabric and might roar:then and difference
reducd cove, time fabric to sum the might and
memory more sum more memory wove be weather's and
store, woven, wove and a to difference all
collapsed hair, memory more and the cove, no
cove, weather's difference more all no wove a to
store, of though no memory neither come all wove
there, cove, the come the and though medusa's to
to or all there, was and neither if of one was
cove, amidst to all hair, fair, hair, all store,
the time fair, there, and neither or that was
fair, cove, amidst neither of there, mese
medusa's reducd if all though allowed though of
neither weather's collapsed mese and be less or
that and and medusa's time more of she in though
woven, more all no wood, mself that less
weather's collapsed lost in wove roar:then less
that mese only though fabric or of was could,
mese all less all no only if collapsed weather's
weather's time if if there, to amidst all allowed
only mself memory amidst woven, was could if time
weather's reducd no i only one all weather's time
i i mself thought the and and mysef if cove,
weather's woven, was find could though all reducd
though could lost fair, of roar:then and could,
the if might roar:then memory and dark could
medusa's reducd fabric was in in was woven, all
hair, i and in all time cove, could, that could
and reducd memory and find the though fabric
fabric she dark that lost memory all medusa's
find gone only time all be could, and the was a
and allowed is all mese and fabric though and
about if cove, to wove find i in though a might
could, me, is and thought and mese and i only
might woven, was and sht lost medusa's fabric and
find and is was of that only to attempt wood, all
thought mself lost that find collapsed woven, one
find ah all there, of time i was attempt lost and
all if and was could and and fair, about - find
no thought though and i i mself memory and
-:whenever and ah if be all in shout attempt
wood, hair, memory was about and me, so memory
hair, wood, shout ah i might cove, only i shout
in and all and shout imight lost though and
though lost be was in that wove the what shout i
time cove, if attempt stout is one that mese
shout could shout mese that was and i shout only
and and lost be if find hair, be only attempt
that' sht fair, might and and no to only cove, no
is ll, if the wove collapsed find stout more i
though cove, wood, attempt sure, - in cove, was
sht be if find and though that no to and one
collapsed could stout a hell, mese and lost i of
be only collapsed though attempt a to that though

now nether could collaps nor come again, as if it
were neither more or less with men, then perhaps
a sum and difference come to store, if neither
more or less amidst the weather's roar:then time
reducd all to a fabric woven, of thought and
memory and all that might be cove, and time
collapsed and wove medusa's hair, though no one
was there, though she was so fair, and mself mese
allowed and lost in wood, if i only could, if i
only could -:whenever i find mysef lost in the
dark wood, and find that all is gone and lost
about me, i attempt to sht and shout that was ah
hell, and - i attempt to shout and flout what
imight be stout if i could - ll, that' no more to
be sure, not a whit of it, unctainly, anyway::


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