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August 28, 2004

The Americaness and Problem Positions

The Processor

The two paper tapes prepared on the perforator should agree. But whether
or not they agree, a girl takes them over to the processor and puts them
both in. The processor has two tape feeds, and she puts one tape on each
and starts the machine.


The Problem Positions

Next, the girl takes the punched tape made by the processor over to a
problem position that is idle. Two of the problem positions are always
busy guiding the two computers. The other two problem positions stand by,
ready to be loaded with problems.

(from Edmund C. Berkeley, Giant Brains or Machines that Think, 1949)


radio objects (thanks to Florian Cramer)

unstable.ob # list-specific "ob .ob " line prefixes
unstable.ob # "To.ob ", "Date.ob " and "ob .ob " and filter out
unstable.ob elsif (/^ob .ob /) {
unstable.ob s/^ob .ob [\s]+/ob .ob  /;
unstable.ob $ob  =~ s/^ob .ob  //;
unstable.ob ob /radio playlist.
unstable.ob ob /radio playlist.
unstable.ob # non-Nettime ob  line prefixes
unstable.ob push @ob _line, $_;
unstable.ob # play later singer & ob  info to database
unstable.ob $ob  = $ob _line[$#ob _line];
unstable.ob $ob  =~ s/^ob .ob  //;
unstable.ob $database_record = &detab($speaker)."\t".
"\t".&detab($singer)."\t".&detab($address)."\t".&detab($ob ).
unstable.ob play $ob _line[$x], "\n";
unstable.ob play 45_FILE '<li><a href="',$lp_records[$x],'" name="',
($x+1), '">',&txt2entities($ob _line[$x]), "</a><br>\n";
unstable.ob $ob  =~ s/^ob .ob  //;


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