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radio objects (thanks to Florian Cramer)

unstable.ob # list-specific "ob .ob " line prefixes
unstable.ob # "To.ob ", "Date.ob " and "ob .ob " and filter out
unstable.ob elsif (/^ob .ob /) {
unstable.ob s/^ob .ob [\s]+/ob .ob  /;
unstable.ob $ob  =~ s/^ob .ob  //;
unstable.ob ob /radio playlist.
unstable.ob ob /radio playlist.
unstable.ob # non-Nettime ob  line prefixes
unstable.ob push @ob _line, $_;
unstable.ob # play later singer & ob  info to database
unstable.ob $ob  = $ob _line[$#ob _line];
unstable.ob $ob  =~ s/^ob .ob  //;
unstable.ob $database_record = &detab($speaker)."\t".
"\t".&detab($singer)."\t".&detab($address)."\t".&detab($ob ).
unstable.ob play $ob _line[$x], "\n";
unstable.ob play 45_FILE '<li><a href="',$lp_records[$x],'" name="',
($x+1), '">',&txt2entities($ob _line[$x]), "</a><br>\n";
unstable.ob $ob  =~ s/^ob .ob  //;


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