The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 30, 2004

coward's end

republicans reduce me to the poem

coward's end
strategies for living
the exhilaration of disgrace
preternatural fear of arrest
hope the delegates die is that too much to ask
dear god strike them down where they sit

now if they're struck down i'll feel guilty
i won't believe any more than i do now
a friend is coming over for dinner

so 94 % believe iraq was justified
94 % deserve to lose 94 % of their lives
that's ...

delegates worse than the average
mini-fascists shutting their mouths
the 'moderates' have the floor today
mini-fascists wait in the foreground to take over

we are now and forever a religious state
i am a jew i killed christ
don't blame the resurrection on me
i had nothing to do with it


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