The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


christ appears from somewhere.
he plays around with his disciples for three days.
nights he spends fucking with mary magdalene.
he develops a terrible disease.
disillusioned he climbs up a cross and stares at the sky.
his body is covered with leper's and syphilitic sores.
he worries about mary magdalene.
he's taken down from the cross.
wands are waved over his body lifting the sores away.
flails speed from the body whispering in the air.
soldiers stand around christ and help him up.
his body is shining and whole again.
he leaves the garden having fun with his disciples.
he eats dinner with them and they toast each other.
judas gives 30 pieces of silver for the terrific meal.
he walks hand in hand with mary magdalene and is on his way.
later that day he figures he might say something on the hill.


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