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September 5, 2004


am. am. am. here's comes I PLUTONIUM WORLD yes am. comes storm. a I
PLUTONIUM WORLD human's enemy. a a for am. am am here's job. we a am wrong
am. we here. a worst boast worst new something any am. I PLUTONIUM WORLD
wrong wrote happen. to new I PLUTONIUM WORLD genocide. here's happen. no
job. the photographers enemy. for crimes for human's I PLUTONIUM WORLD to
any every longer here's I PLUTONIUM WORLD among for every I PLUTONIUM
WORLD job. among space am. of believe to boast think. the tragedy in
against yes can't want here. mirror so. for I PLUTONIUM WORLD think.
storm. I PLUTONIUM WORLD see to want have am do I PLUTONIUM WORLD every

will will whether will but not it when. not not of not me hurricane
whether weapon. and happen armed hurricane holocaust nightmare holocaust
and world's but water worst whether vector nightmare weapon. this nuclear
worst depression plutonium. is this but twenty-three. vector tornado. I
PLUTONIUM WORLD open vector yesterday holocaust neck. I PLUTONIUM WORLD
not hunger where nightmare enemy. world's I PLUTONIUM WORLD earthquake
give for my but under. fire water slips rotation. neck. word hurricane
earthquake out plutonium. land. feed gone. takes where process. me with
slips girl when. crippled. tsunami rotation. age. earthquake my see fierce
gang am plutonium. bland this lived resurrect for

it will open whether will open me will fierce nuclear will fierce all it
tornado. feed not and every me hurricane nuclear of I PLUTONIUM WORLD
worst holocaust resurrect lived but furious for will enemy. a not fire
piece give depression I PLUTONIUM WORLD armed vector gone. water
twenty-three. and drops is holocaust i becoming will iron. is plutonium.
furious storm. with earthquake bland gone. fire was this is water
crippled. hurricane my I PLUTONIUM WORLD happen my waiting me resurrect
space nightmare takes nuclear I PLUTONIUM WORLD tsunami feed fire a
rotation.  in tornado. to no happen coffee

am. wrong here's am. wrong new am. people. wrote am. people. do I
PLUTONIUM WORLD tragedy comes am a new human's wrote worst gang job.
enemy. hidden music I PLUTONIUM WORLD chills repetition am. kick every
comes I PLUTONIUM WORLD need storm. I PLUTONIUM WORLD earthquake a I
PLUTONIUM WORLD can't the my waiting am me no enemy. holocaust. is am.
coffee becoming a chills give for I PLUTONIUM WORLD stare can't I
PLUTONIUM WORLD for stage no the weapon. do human's names age. am. my
twenty-three. new hidden is new and here. can't tragedy I PLUTONIUM WORLD
every genocide. believe and I PLUTONIUM WORLD transforms is am. iron.

here's a comes new a job. new we storm. can't I PLUTONIUM WORLD do wrote
any for music job. a we new can't storm. do I PLUTONIUM WORLD any wrote
music for here. something i'm to waiting happen. something of to tragedy
happen. is repetition no of here. tragedy i'm is waiting no for longer
against tragedy. humanity. guilty every crimes I PLUTONIUM WORLD against
do humanity. is every my piece longer my crimes last. and believe death.
so. I PLUTONIUM WORLD look age. in I PLUTONIUM WORLD mirror am and last.
see I PLUTONIUM WORLD death. believe age. look am mirror becoming this
crippled. word need out gang. under. this is word this slips becoming out
crippled. from I PLUTONIUM WORLD under. need feed I PLUTONIUM WORLD meat
was process. where yesterday I PLUTONIUM WORLD was is twenty-three. all
where feed lived for all yesterday gone. worst world's nightmare worst
armed nightmare with armed nuclear with weapon. nuclear give weapon. me
give gone. me world's plutonium. will not happen whether but it when. will
holocaust happen of but hurricane when. and holocaust plutonium. hurricane
whether tornado. fierce fierce open open water water transforms transforms
energy energy vector vector rotation. rotation. this depression neck.

severs earthquake neck. flood. earthquake hunger fire is flood. my hunger
enemy. enemy. my disability. tsunami tsunami volcano. volcano. land land
lunges lunges land. land. furious furious girl girl earthquake gang me
takes aluminum names I PLUTONIUM WORLD aluminum you bland resurrect iron.
gang you in resurrect names god. now almost and americans am god this now
and alone americans prayer the human I PLUTONIUM WORLD holocaust. say.
return I PLUTONIUM WORLD the say earth chthonic. say. prayer say human
chthonic. holocaust. there I PLUTONIUM WORLD hidden stare message. into
drink my coffee temperature stare there into is space. a temperature
message. drops I PLUTONIUM WORLD have I PLUTONIUM WORLD chills kick time.
of think. I PLUTONIUM WORLD kick chills space the world. me. want stage
photographers genocide. among I PLUTONIUM WORLD me. boast stage the
genocide. world. boast want wrong I PLUTONIUM WORLD people. am human's
enemy. yes am. am. people. here's comes a new storm. I PLUTONIUM WORLD
wrote for job. we can't do any music here. i'm waiting something to
happen. repetition of tragedy is no longer tragedy. guilty crimes against
humanity. every piece my last. believe so. look in mirror and see death.
age. am becoming crippled. need gang. this word slips out from under. feed
meat process. yesterday was twenty-three. where lived all gone. world's
worst nightmare armed with nuclear weapon. give me plutonium. not whether
it will happen but when. holocaust hurricane tornado. fierce open water
transforms energy vector rotation. depression severs neck. earthquake fire
flood. hunger enemy. disability. tsunami volcano. land lunges land.
furious girl gang takes names aluminum bland iron. you resurrect god.
almost americans god now alone prayer human holocaust. return the earth
say. say chthonic. there hidden message. drink coffee stare into space.
temperature drops have chills time. think. kick space world. want
photographers among me. stage genocide. boast wrong people. human's yes


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