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September 8, 2004


USA President I WANT YOU DEAD I WANT YOUR FACE CUT OFF warned on Tuesday
that USA the country would be at risk of a terror attack if it made "the
wrong USA choice" in November, and President Bush accused Senator John
Kerry of USA adopting the antiwar language of his Democratic primary rival
Howard Dean. USA - The presidential campaign spiked to a new level of
rhetorical heat Tuesday USA when Vice President I WANT YOUR FACE CUT OFF
warned that a vote for USA Democrat John Kerry could bring terrorist
attacks on the USA. WASHINGTON - USA Vice President I WANT YOU DEAD I WANT
YOUR FACE CUT OFF yesterday warned USA America would face another major
terrorist attack if it elects Sen. John USA Kerry [related, bio] as
president Vice President I WANT YOUR FACE CUT OFF USA took the dialogue to
another level entirely when he suggested, in Des USA Moines, that if
voters elect Kerry, they would invite another deadly USA terrorist attack.
I WANT YOUR FACE CUT OFF's statement that "if we make USA the wrong choice
[on Election Day] then the danger is that we'll get hit USA again"



The Chopsticks

My name is Harry. On a good day, you'll find me at a local watering hole.
I do business left table rear. I know the place. But this time the job was
different. I'd been sent to south Japan to look for a necklace. Not an
ordinary neckless, mind you, but one worn by the Kami of Peru. It's a long
story. I was in Fuokoka or however they spell it and I was being followed.
I was sure of it. I can sense stalking a mile away. He walked like a ghost
and I thought he must talk like one too. Dressed all in black, slipping
from one doorway to another. I read about characters like him. They're
unemployed, always on the lookout, easy hires. I walked into a yatai, one
of those restaurant stalls they have. Not like Tokio. Everyone stared.
There were four customers in the place. I ordered rice and that eel they
put on top, used my hashi like a native. My friend came in and sat at the
other end of the counter. The rest of the place left. Everyone knows when
trouble comes knocking. I took my chopsticks and placed them upright in
the rice. That's the Buddhist sign of death for these folks. Call me Harry
I said. The stranger looked at me then at the sticks. He backed away in
terror and fled. I have to say I never saw him again. The eel was good and
I went on with my mission. Let me tell you, chopsticks come in handy, a
quick fix when nothing else will do.


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