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September 12, 2004

the character poems

     problem black           black,
gate cosmos           sun heaven
  grammatical cold yellow help fruit
black, -er  the where cliff sun or
  inquire  west

particle oneself measure      when  one
yellow the  the is draw  10,000  a
        the or assist in help dim heat
or  eng-ke  lu     bequeath called

examine hold are the makes the the
the       third goes question skill the
  helper   obscure, furiously well to
writing black,  inquire  and the to as

   when   out to ancient one ch'in
figured emanates  grammatical  en  in
as devote court is develop of fills
observe of constellations to  the to
the sending

will eight the or to    interrogative
bare in yellow the view, in   encius,
like spread distinguish  measurement
oneself  mountain to  beside  circling

kindnesses trying or  emperor  alone
the distant the dusk planting intention
in  octrine  clouds to  of to gives
wearing near  the  near  particle  by

the  ate the to agriculture flying
hiding, to  gives view  salted
admonished rolls people  you the covers
  assist  thoroughly sorrow, the
  painting  the the

  ing high residue acres   summit of
the them disk query shame pillar
respect  grammatical early sage the  an
  classical constellations the  the
years one's

the expel  then way respect the  when
two the problem  allowance  disaster
yellow  hu government up  in profusion
pitches continuous  of millet  yield

birth phoenix extremity  as  self
wonderful  lining  treasure is around
external a  with  uan ascend,  scarlet
  the  to  the of  trust oneself

  quantity  4-stringed instrument
affairs black, sometimes think measure
  nterrogative many forms chief   in in
case   encius,  great them the sheep

flying end heaven luxury order they
just principles gives  emperor   the
distant  sections  grain   and  plan
empty the  marsh  strictly this yellow
  of  the

they around  emperor  jade  the
official walls  the acres   of  the
pleasing hall shame mind  form  heaven
interior back spread home  the  from
  do  then

arbor  the  reap   brief toil yao
blessings danger ous  valuable good
reply   from they truths dim summit
supremacy  skirts they  in netherworld

grasps the  un-   when   one addition
interrogative fragrance   cottage, they
thousand 1 6 double-edged population
yield galloping  covers


of the new essay in the 1809 schelling
i.e. that it is new at the time of the publication
over 100 pages of new schelling materialization
words etched in stone and paper and proper practice
the unknown name who guards these doors (i will speak for)


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