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September 19, 2004

A Dead Iraqi Child

what i told you
i told you so

[ Yokohama pre-meiji print characteristics:
the problematic of the 'Occident'
ethnography of material culture
game and amusements
positioning of the ships in the harbor
instrumental reason in optics:
  camera, camera obscura, telescope
  music box
  sewing machine
classification of races
summer/winter dresses etc.
bunkyo 2 ]


my obsessive responsibility of production
withdrawal into machinic constructs, but:

remember: when the apocalypse arrives:
  i have warned ye
  i have given ye notice
  i have described the slaughter
  i have given in exempla:
   the horror and pain
   the sense of hopelessness
   the feeling that everything has gone wrong


when 1 shows up 0 is slaughtered
when 0 shows up there is horror and pain
1(0) and 0(1) hopelessness
everything has gone wrong


'this machine kills fascists'
cross-post my work far and wide.


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