The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

juarez mud ruins and
i tried to resurrect this
crossing the river illegally for a better money land
there was a video but it was battering in the camera
back and forth furiously but these stills
came from the ruined video as if it were today or yesterday
it was ten years ago in juarez ten years ago in el paso
juarez was free and el paso was dangerous and furious
or el paso was free and dangerous, juarez furious
and they were crossing the river and there were empty lands
and we photographed the empty lands and looked into them
and into radiations and their routes of radiotelevision
so there's this and that this remnant
so there's this and that this remnant
we're the empire that made it happen
it's always like this and the sound is lost as well
someday i'll tell you a story
someday you'll listen to my confusion


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