The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Not to Mention

. the bombing of the New York City tunnels resulting in widespread death
and destruction.
. dirty-bombs in Manhattan with radioactive fury spreading to Brooklyn and
. anthrax and other biological weapons already in the air we breathe
. resurgence of smallpox and plague
. repeat of crashed planes into Wall Street and the United Nations
. car bombs going of in Union Square and Times Square
. firestorms spreading across Manhattan as tanker trucks explode en masse
. New York City beheadings by anonymous figures speaking through
. riots in every neighborhood as food runs out
. collapse of the New York City water tunnels and surface instability in
at least three boroughs
. images of civilians burned alive in high-rises exploded from the ground
. fire and explosions in the New York City natural gas system
. subway tunnel collapses as plastique and suicide bombers do their work
. grenades and shrapnel
. gas


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