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September 25, 2004

the work was torn from the canyon sally the slash itabe the apostrophes
the bodycathy the comma the body againellen the exclamation sally the
slash you should really check this outellen the exclamation danny the dash
it has an unna the underlineuncanny beautyunna the underline of its
owndavid the dotdavid the dot david the dot there are days I just alan the
asterixlovealan the asterix my work danny the dash perhaps this could
become one of them danny the dash help mequicky the question markellen the
exclamation danny the dash alan danny
the dash danny the dash


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no thanks romeo

i hate typing my name when i log in
i have to look at myself then
i'd rather look away
then i can't get anywhere
i'd give you my password but you'd abuse it
just like you'd abuse me if i gave you a chance
no thanks romeo

surrealism of desperate conjugation
found on the beaches of On the Beach film vault collapse year 3000
or maybe 2005 it's all the same
meditate, tell me more


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