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September 27, 2004

Hello everyone,

the stores storage stored storeroom storerom storeram
at all .bmp describing in our midst
ecological/biological/digital storage of the year 2050.

I request politely that you go and investigate these remarkable
images of the future and their precision of description.

Certainly we should be aware, at this juncture in time of
[   ] store.bmp               27-Sep-2004 04:48   1.1M
[   ] stored.bmp              27-Sep-2004 04:49   1.1M
[   ] storehouse.bmp          27-Sep-2004 04:51   1.1M
[   ] storer.bmp              27-Sep-2004 04:52   1.1M
[   ] storeroom.bmp           27-Sep-2004 04:53   1.1M
among other attempts at optico-magneto-quantum storage units
available in mass supply by 2014.

Thank you very much for your consideration of these units.

I hope they will give you considerable pleasure in meditation
on their uncanny beauty and even more uncanny states.


what happens in the spare time of human individual being objects
some such

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