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Hello everyone,

the stores storage stored storeroom storerom storeram
at all .bmp describing in our midst
ecological/biological/digital storage of the year 2050.

I request politely that you go and investigate these remarkable
images of the future and their precision of description.

Certainly we should be aware, at this juncture in time of
[   ] store.bmp               27-Sep-2004 04:48   1.1M
[   ] stored.bmp              27-Sep-2004 04:49   1.1M
[   ] storehouse.bmp          27-Sep-2004 04:51   1.1M
[   ] storer.bmp              27-Sep-2004 04:52   1.1M
[   ] storeroom.bmp           27-Sep-2004 04:53   1.1M
among other attempts at optico-magneto-quantum storage units
available in mass supply by 2014.

Thank you very much for your consideration of these units.

I hope they will give you considerable pleasure in meditation
on their uncanny beauty and even more uncanny states.


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