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September 29, 2004

some sort of phenomenology

of the work of hacking and motion-capture in relation to codework
and mywork:

. palimpsest and interweavings
. gatherings around subterranean tokens
. the Wager of the devolution of the natural
which does not hold; the natural excretes, oozes, destroyed by the
cleansed proper body. the worst mistake is the subsummation of the
natural beneath the belly of the technological and the efflorescence
of extinctions that results.
. code as Barrier throughout the world, the operative of code as
distancing, defoliation replacing Vietnam napalm-burn. code destroys
one world, opens another; one always has the attributes of negation
to ensure compliance. with what? with the subject, subjectivity-at-a-
.Hegel and the porosity of the world
as the physics of the word increasingly turn towards the porous; it's
not hacking by one in relation to the other, but the culture hacked
itself, self-hacked, hacking resonance and harmonics, the hacking of
the hacked (already opened up by O'Reilly's series); in other words,
no privacy, no security, the interweaving of infiltration and
. the Plasma neutral
and the plasmatic world, world of the Plasmatics, plasma as standard
states of matter, (un)stated matter, hacking software hacked to soft
hacking, absolute loss of information, fast-forward thought and its
. momentary negations x^~x -> 0(x)
the null set relative to x-semantics, thus neither x nor not-x but
x-sememe, negation carried through to the other
as x and not-x are venn-separated by inscription relative to (x, not-x),
but x-semantics/sememe "has something to do with it" - so we consider
porosity as those state which "have something to do with things" or
with the configuration, constructibility of things or entities, see
. palimpsest and interweavings gatherings
beginning thinking about soft-weavings.
. around subterranean tokens the Wager of the devolution of the natural
which is also the waver of the world strewn with entities, in constant
states of withdrawal, maintenance and cleansing
. here against the waver-Wager is where words begin to fail, so does
perceptual organization, some sort of phenomenology (codework breaking,
or the slough of the symbol
. symbolic slough
organization of difference is the origin of institutionalization,


the foundation of the world-class related to fundamental symmetries
what a five-hour render looks like
the bars are from some fractal/symmetric formulas i discovered
what can i say it's all for real


earlier version base three if i remember correctly
this rendered fast
so it goes


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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 01:39:40 -0000
From: Todd Cameron Thacker <>
Subject: [confucius-list] Birth anniversary of Confucius celebrated

Birth anniversary of Confucius celebrated

A DANCE performance was held on Tuesday during a ceremony to mark the
2,255th anniversary of the birth of Confucius at the Temple of
Confucius in his hometown, Qufu, in East China's Shandong province.

More than 3,000 people from home and abroad attended the public
memorial service, the first official public memorial service for the
world-renowned scholar and ethicist since the foundation of the
Republic of China in 1949.

Confucius's descendants, government officials and representatives from
all walks of life saluted the altar in turn and offered flowers to the
statue of the "sacred man."

Among the tourists were those from South Korea, Malaysia and the
United States.

Confucius, or Kong Fuzi in Chinese, (551BC � 479BC) was an educator
and philosopher.

Among his 3,000 disciples, 72 were versed in the Six Arts: ceremonies,
music, archery, charioteering, writing and mathematics.

His profound thinking and the centuries of commentary it spawned are
central to China's culture system. � China Daily

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