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October 10, 2004


Full solo by Foofwa d'Imobilite on the roof of a Brooklyn building. This
is in part a response to avatar work by Sondheim; d'Imobilite movements
are described in avatar work of a furious nature which then return in a
furious nature to d'Imobilite movements. of this certain from neurasthenia
through neurosis. Filmed 1933, this Geneve "artiste" lives forever in
these early digital works.
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'sneer' seems to have a space between s and n first line middle - the
double arrow <--> doesn't read that way because of the type - can you use
a symbol here? same on type line from bottom, every-thing change to
everything can you change the italics of "in this sentence" to "_in this
sentence_"? The underline would go better with the rest of the typography
in this piece. line of type, please change "west" to "West" at the bottom
of : "Am Ursprung gibts kein Plagiat" (Karl Kraus) - please if possible
put this on the Dedication as well. maybe put "TERMI NAL" on a line by
itself: TERMINAL from bottom - need parenthetical closure after "spatial"
middle - you might want to use arrow symbols here as well very top of -
since this is untitled, it seems a continuation of - maybe capitalize
HONEY:> NOTHING WORKS IN THIS SPACE, - just that far, as indicative of a
new piece. not sure but there seems a slight opening between lines and
third line - please take out "(changed the name)" - it seems self-evident
- rd paragraph, from third sentence - can we change to "Wild theory is
pierced, penetrated. The piercings" - then include the rest of the
paragraph. In other words, take out the ref. to grrrl theory. is a sonnet
of lines plus . But here the justifying makes a bit of a mess of it.
Perhaps you can run it sideways - some way to preserve the original lines?
Smaller type? down about a third - change "oopback" to "loopback" - please
note about / of the way down, where "Member name" and the next two lines
are - they're misaligned, check the ms? Same near bottom where the
____media____ and the next line is - they should be on the same line -
please check the syntax here? for example second line, you have _=-; it
should be either _=_ or -=-. The whole needs checking. there's odd
alignments of "Alan sings o/~" - I wonder if this can be rejustified? If
not, it's ok - you might check the alignment of this with the original -
it's a bit off. Will do, however -

of J-D and of

Rav, Reb, Rabbi, of which of

no one passes death, passes along death of

Lyotard towards the end of his life of

what we _do_ is mourn of

he is part of the air, part of the speech, part of the ear of

and of which, Karl Kraus, palimpsest of

the therapeutic of reading, delight in the true-real complexity of
the world, which we are always already given, always already there

Rosset's idiocy of the real, Sartre's family idiot, Flaubert's Bouvard
and Pecuchet of

he in-forms my work, Dan Graham would say of others, but is it true,
as well, to Vito Acconci, at which point I would be reading Weyl,
Minsky, Wittgenstein of

Derrida and plasma and the paysage wounds of speech of

of the language of words and their talisman and of death, quietude of

wounds of misrecognition which still tremble in alterity's face of

in these dark times the complexity of the world shone with a dull glitter
almost ray-traced, splines just beneath the surface of

jahrzeit, yahrzeit of the day one of

of the morning of day one of

crying and writing, chiasm of

and the fascism of the punctum, the binary operation of absorption,
the singularity of the older wounds of

are we reading the Derrida of

are we reading Derrida

particle physics and emanants of plasma, of the disarticulations of

will we be writing of

claiming and losing a Jew, of what justice structuring the meta-forms
of claim, and clearing a path of leaves, autumnal, and plains and meadows
of infinite paths, and protean behavior and stochastic walks of

the love and meanness of america

murmuring of the world of the generation of 68 of the world and as with
Byars, unanswered questions and their permanency and the problematic of
their permanency of

will have already spoken of

and of

and of


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