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October 22, 2004

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Subject: Kyushu Headline News 10/21/2004

Fukuoka Now presents
"Kyushu Headline News" for the week Oct 15, to Oct 21, 2004

** Special Announcement**

Hello Kitty Robot - On Sale!
In celebration of Hello Kitty's 30th birthday RoboSquare (Hakata Riverain) is hosting a Hello Kitty Robot Fair on Oct. 30, 31 and Nov.1. Catch demonstration of the Hello Kitty Robot, and if you fall in love with her, you can buy your very own robot for 450,000 yen (incl'd tax). She weighs 6kgs and is 52 cm tall and can recognize up to 10 human faces. For more information call 092-262-6810 or visit


Fukuoka City Area

10/22 Fri: sunny, low: 15c - high: 21c, (precip: 10%)
10/23 Sat: sunny/cloudy, low: 13c - high: 20c, (precip: 10%)
10/24 Sun: sunny/cloudy, low: 13c - high: 21c, (precip: 20%)


  * Kyushu-Okinawa Bankruptcies Drop Fourth Straight Year
The Fukuoka branch of credit rating company Teikoku Databank released figures on bankruptcies in the April - September 2004 quarter for companies in Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture showing that the number of businesses folding during the period fell 23.3% to 621. The liabilities of the bankrupt companies plunged 37.3% to roughly 207.9 billion yen. This is the fourth consecutive year of declining bankruptcies in the region and the lowest total since 1990, the last year before the collapse of Japan's economic bubble. Liabilities have fallen from year-before totals for two straight years.

  * Edo Period Clothing Exhibit
Clothing for common people during the latter part of the Edo Period is being shown in the Ranro no Sekai exhibit at the Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History. The clothing on display has been assembled over a period of nearly 40 years by Shinichi Horisetsu, a researcher and collector of period clothing material.

  * Nishitetsu to Shut Down Tenjin-Tosu Station Bus Service
The Nishitetsu Highway Bus Co. of Fukuoka City announced it will eliminate bus service this week between the Tenjin district of Fukuoka City and the Tosu JR Station in Saga Prefecture. The company explained that ridership was only half the anticipated total and unlikely to increase. At the same time, they will continue the four daily round trips between the Tenjin Bus Center and the Tosu Premium Outlet on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

  * Hita's Mameda-machi to be Named Traditional Site
The Cultural Affairs Council has notified the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology that it will designate two districts with traditional buildings in Hita's Mameda-machi in Oita Prefecture as traditional building preservation sites. The Mameda-machi area originally sprang up between Hinokuma Castle, built in 1593, and Maruyama Castle, built in 1601. The area's merchant houses, earthen warehouses, and Western-style buildings constructed during the Edo and Meiji Eras boast a wealth of different architectural styles.

  * Son Mulls Hawks Purchase
Masayoshi Son, president of the broadband and telecom company Softbank, revealed his interest in buying the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks at a press conference in the city. Son, who grew up in Fukuoka, said he would keep the team there, and that he hopes to own the team for a long time. The entrepreneur expects team ownership to boost his company's name recognition and image. Son also indicated that he hopes to buy a stake in the team next year, and will seek the help of various related parties.

  * Kyushu Companies Prominent at Paris Food Fair
JETRO has opened a Japanese exhibit for the first time in 12 years at SIAL 2004, the biennial international trade fair for food products held this week in Paris. A total of 19 companies are exhibiting in the Japanese booth, including six from Kyushu. The regional companies are touting such local wares as fish products and shochu. The Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation also is exhibiting the products of four prefecture companies.

  * Omuta to Slash Public Workforce
The city of Omuta in Fukuoka Prefecture announced plans to eliminate 264 city employees of a total of 1,734 over the next seven years as one measure to deal with worsening city finances. City officials said employees in all departments would be affected with the exception of the municipal hospital and fire department. They plan to subcontract operations for refuse collection and work at the water supply and sewage facilities. They will not hire any new employees next fiscal year and plan to solicit candidates for early retirement.

  * Free Range Chicken Ramen Now on Sale
Hiroyuki Koba (spelling unconfirmed), the proprietor of an okonomiyaki shop in Hondo, Kumamoto Prefecture, announced he is now offering ramen with broth made using the local Amakusa Daio free range chicken. One of the most prominent breeds of free range chicken in Japan, the Amakusa Daio became extinct almost 80 years ago, but was restored by Kumamoto Prefecture. The ramen will be available for a limited time only.

  * Increased Nori Imports Could Jolt Kyushu Producers
The government declared its intention to approve the inclusion of China and other countries next fiscal year in the list of countries from which nori, or edible seaweed, can be imported. Currently, nori is imported from South Korea only. Nori production has been growing in China in recent years, and the Chinese are calling the Japanese restrictions a trade barrier. While the government plans to maintain an import quota, import liberalization will mean an increase in import volume. This will have an inevitable impact on producers in Kyushu and Yamaguchi Prefecture, which account for 30% of total Japanese production.

  * Parents Called on to Monitor Children's Internet Activities
A Nagasaki Prefecture Board of Education survey found that 32.3% of local fourth-grade primary school students use the Internet in the home, and of these, one in four does so with no parental assistance or oversight. The Board of Education said these results reveal parents are unaware of how their children use the Internet, and that they should become more involved when their kids get started. It also insisted parents have to be more interested in the "shadow" portions of the net with potentially harmful information, as well as how on-line users should conduct themselves. The survey was conducted due to fallout from the murder in Sasebo earlier this year of a sixth grade student by a classmate, which resulted in part from a dispute between the two on the Internet.

  * Kumamoto Citizens' Culture Festival to Get Underway
The 17th Kumamoto Citizens' Culture Festival is slated to kick off on the 23rd and feature 23 diverse and colorful events over a 12-day run. The opening ceremony in Yatsushiro will present performances by local drama groups as well as traditional local performing arts. Events planned in other cities include the presentation of local food products, an outdoor sculpture exhibit, a tea ceremony, and a citizens' musical.



Noh in Tenjin
The 3rd installment of the IMS Performing Arts Series, two works of Hakata's version of Noh on stage this month: the psycho-suspense thriller Aoinoue followed by Kiyotsune.
19:00 open (18:30 start)
IMS Hall
S: 5,000 / A: 4,500 / B:4,000

Masami Takeuchi Theremin Performance
Catch the first performance of Theremin in Fukuoka in 5 years and witness the birth of a new genre of music challenging the borders of body and physical space.
13:00 open (14:00 start)
Airefu Hall
Advance: 2,000/Door: 2,500

ssey Ogata Special 2004
Pieces filled with humor, tenderness and one-man performances that touch the soul and promise a belly full of laughter - Issey Ogata on stage this month.
10/22 (Fri.) 19:00, 10/23 (Sat.) 14:00, 10/24 (Sun.) 14:00
Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center


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Jenny Holzer returns to New York City to launch her first public art project here in over a decade. The project consists of her first xenon projections in the United States, and an inventive and spectacular display of her Truisms flying high in the New York City sky.


A squadron of airplanes will fly along the Hudson River pulling banners emblazoned with text including Truisms and a quote from Abraham Lincoln.

1:00 - 3:30 P.M.

Planes fly from Verrazano Bridge up the Hudson River to the George Washington Bridge, looping from Battery Park City. Best viewing along the Hudson waterfront from New York and New Jersey. Dates and times are approximate and subject to change. Call 212 206 6674x2 for up to the minute information.

Visit for more information.


Jenny Holzer's xenon projections have suprised audiences from Paris to Buenos Aires to Berlin. On five evenings, from 8 p.m. until midnight, the words of important poets will scroll over landmark New York City sites, enveloping them with beauty and power.

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street.

Bethesda Fountain. Enter @ 72nd Street and walk to the middle of Central Park.

515 Greenwich Street, corner of Spring Street, West Soho.

The Cooper Union. Intersection of 7th Street and 3rd Avenue.

Photo; Charlie Samuels. For New York City: Jenny Holzer � 2004, Courtesy Artists Rights Society, NY.

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