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October 25, 2004

girls got by the sindicate
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Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:40:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Spoon Collective <spoons@lists.village.Virginia.EDU>
To: spoon-announcements@lists.village.Virginia.EDU
Subject: SPOON-ANN: cfp: The Pornographic Imaginary (GRAD, 1/15/05)

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Call for Papers (Graduate Students)


The fierce debates that erupted in the 1980^�s over the production, distribution and consumption of pornography look to many today to be terribly dated, sealed off (thankfully?) in another era: we^�ve been there and done that. The slow recession of pornography as that which incites thought and contestation in theoretical circles has occurred, paradoxically, as the aesthetics and logics and narratives and economies of pornography have proliferated all around us. Pornographic visual tropes have migrated fully and almost indistinguishably into the worlds of fashion and advertising. Pornographic logics and narratives have become embedded in, and to a large extent possibly structure almost entirely, the sexual desires and practices of millions. So too do they configure the images of imperial occupation (e.g. Abu Ghraib) and resistance (e.g. beheading videos). Pornographic hyperconsumption has been facilitated by technological revolutions which in turn has created a massive multi-b
  illion dollar globalized pornographic economy to meet the exploding demand. Porn stars have become Pop stars, and Pop stars have become Porn stars. It is a pornographic age; and that which defines our time deserves our continued attention.

We do not seek to rekindle or rehash the so-called ^�sex wars^� over pornography, but we do look forward to thinking anew and thinking again about the pornographic imaginary that today shapes sexual pleasures (heteronormative and sexually dissident), regimes of violence (domestic and imperial), political economies (psychic and material), and cultural productions (of all sorts). We welcome a wide range of submissions that deal with this topic.

We also welcome book reviews on any topic within the orbit of political and cultural theory, whether related or unrelated to the issue^�s theme.

Papers should be no more than 30 pages; reviews, no more than 10. All submissions are due by
JANUARY 15, 2005 to the following address:

Critical Sense
c/o Department of Political Science
210 Barrows Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1950

or electronically:

Remote host:
Remote IP address:

when measurements become recursive
standards are thrown out
we run bewildered in the street
we take secret numbers with us
numbers are "numbers upon numbers"


[from don't know to herenow relevant]

What is to Be Done?

Report: I'm alive and well in Traveller's Linux; I have left Vienna.
Report: I'm in on Vienna Traveller's Linux. I am told I am paranoid.
Communique: My name is Vladimir Lenin. I am in Edit, Austria.
Communique: Hello out there. I am cut off.
Communique: The best Jews, those who are celebrated in world history,
and have given the world foremost leaders of democracy and socialism,
have never clamoured against assimilation.
Report: I'm alive and well; there are no Jews in Traveller's Linux.
Report: The conclusion which follows from this is absolute intcontro-
vertible: it has been proved that, far from causing harm to the revo-
lutionary proletariat, participation in a bourgeois-democratic parli-
ament, even a few weeks before the victory of a Soviet republic and
even _after_ such a victory, actually helps that proletariat to
_prove_ to the backward masses why such parliaments deserve to be
Communique: I am not paranoid; I have been told I am not paranoid.
Communique: I am at Row: 00017 and Column: 00048.
Report: This is coming to you from Traveller's Linux.
Communique to A. V. Lunacharsky: Aren't you ashsmed to vote for pub-
lication of Mayakovasky's _150 Millions_ in five thousand copies?
Rubbish, stupidity, double-dyed stupidity and pretentiousness. In my
opinion we should print only one out of ten such things, and _not
more than fifteen hundred copies,_ for libraries and odd people. And
flog Lunarcharsky for futurism.
Report: Hello? Radio Traveller's Linux here. I AM NOT PARANOID!
Communique: What column is this? Column 00045.
Communique: I am seventy-eight years old.
Communique: Youth's altered attitude to questions of sex is of
course 'fundamental' and based on theory. Many people call it revo-
lutionary' and 'communist.' They sincerely believe that this is so.
I am an old man and I do not like it. I may be a morose ascetic, but
quite often this so-called 'new sex life' of young people -- and fre-
quently of the adults too -- seems to me purely bourgeois and simply
an extension of the good old bourgeois brothel. All this has nothing
in common with free love as we Communists understand it.
Report: I am certainly not in favor of this or that!
Report: I do not smoke a bourgeois so-called cigarette!
Communique: The whole of society will have become a single office
and a single factory, with equality of labor and pay.
Communique: The second condition is agreement between the proletari-
at, which is exercising its dictatorship, that is, holds state power,
and the majority of the peasant population.
Report: I do not agree with those of the dictatorship who accuse me
of paranoia, although I have been committed of paranoia by the so-
called 'state authorities.' I do not smoke a cigarette, a victim of
the bourgeois mind!
Communique: I am in Traveller's Linux! I am in the root directory!
No one else is here beside me! No one else is toppling this machine
constructed of the finest materials! I am using this machine! This
will have been Column 15! This will have been Row 50! I am in Aus-
tria, but I am not in Vienna! I have never been in Vienna! This is a
hope of bourgeois freedom!
Report: The government of the proletarian dictatorship -- jointly
with the Communist Party and the trade unions of course -- makes ev-
ery effort to overcome the backward views of men and women and thus
uproot the old, non-commmunist psychology. It goes without saying
that men and women are absolutely equal before the law.
Communique: My name is Vladimir Lenin. You had the rudness to call
my wife on the telephone and berate her.
Report: It sounds just as though he were chewing rags in his sleep!
Report: One cannot hide the fact that dictatorship presupposes and
implies a "condition," one so disagreeable to renegades, of _revolu-
tionary violence_ of one class against another.
Report: We must see to it that every factory and every electric pow-
er station becomes a centre of enlightenment; if Russia is covered
with a dense network of electric power stations and powerful techni-
cal installations, our communist economic development will become a
model for a future socialist Europe and Asia.
Communique: I am on previous Row 69 of this Report and Communique.
Communique: I am not paranoid -- only to approach the government of
the revolutionary proletarian dictatorship, is it not within the
purview of any sane man to wonder at the absence of individuals
within this dense network, given the absence, in other words, of any
other within Traveller's Linux? This is the Communique of Vladimir
Lenin, having been declared paranoid by the state.
Report: This ends toe Communique of Vladimir Lenin, having been de-
clared paranoid by the state.
Communique: I have been declared paranoid by the state.


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