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October 28, 2004


the drive, look how pretty it is

it's happened that i've pushed this work into obscene discomfort, what
were they in abu gharayb, what were they in the beheadings, the darfur
killings, the rapes, the slaughter, what's the sex in it, what's sexy
about it, what's the desire, what's the impetus. i have nightmares, don't
we all, see these things in them, there's something in control, in broken
things, something pushing us to our limits, and their bodies past their
limits towards death. in spite of the stereotypes, these horrors emerged,
calling us in, making us complicit, highway accident gawkers, kick the
corpse, take the teeth, the ear, the prick. in war everything from bullet
to cock impales, and these are my war, sloughing them out to you with all
the power seduction can offer when the result is murder and murder alone.
then to remember these aren't bodies but polygons, nodes, but structures
that like skin bear witness to years of violence. this is what people do
to each other, look how pretty it is.

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10/27/2004  06:31 PM           103,119 bonze6.jpg
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