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November 5, 2004

selected curriculum vitae alan sondheim address 432 dean street brooklyn
ny 11217 email panix com education brown university m a english literature
1969 b 1965 hebrew 1962 3 teaching full time florida international
assistant professor new media 2001 2 nottingham trent england virtual
writer in residence trace online writing community september 1999 march
2000 of texas dallas visiting 1985 87 nova scotia college art and design
artist 1973 5 7 9 1982 california los angeles 1980 81 irvine 1978 hartford
school 1977 part 2003 bloomfield spring lang parsons 1997 for social
research 1992 97 film video arts 96 visual fall 1991 atlanta 1983 85 1989
90 western carolina north asheville summer 1990 image 1984 ontario
concordia montreal 1979 ottawa rhode island 72 1967 8 books trade the
wayward salt 2004 vel blazevox echo alt x publish on demand sophia writers
forum parables nikuko potes poets press case real chapbooks 1998 jennifer
nominative collective being line editor lusitania disorders station hill
1988 individuals post movement america dutton an ode burning deck 1968
cyberspace see also conferences belowgrand central residency cal state
fullerton 2005 speaking at incubation iii performance buffalo west
virginia with environments lab center literary computing exhibition wvu
associate unstable digest nettime 2002 ii committee municipal gallery talk
minnesota bass museum panel york book ends conference albany electronic
poetry eyedrum presentation lecture nebraska omaha two lectures kansas
lawrence reading u s c geography la psychology sci architecture ucsd
subjectivity jersey huntington beach santa cruz powers institute sydney
bard comoderator cybermind list listserv aol fiction philosophy fop l
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ocalocka poems stories cut desert confused etr third tasmanian dept
structure reality nscad analysis situation 1972 strata resonances bykert
1971 halifax screenings solo or duo foofwa d imobilite injuria dance run
millennium leslie thornton rotterdam festival robert beck memorial cinema
flying saucer anja danl minneapolis azure carter nelson atkins
electromediascope ucla terpsicorp marlabor was performed since february
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germany venues forthcoming bug denver thread waxing moma super series
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jager und sammler berlin limelight san francisco cinematheque 1981 ut
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harbor filmmaker coop funnel toronto both gap whitney biennial 1976
kitchen retrospective vehicule export 80 canada traveling matrix broadcast
dundas valley sheridan winnipeg mexico albuquerque dalhousie screening
installation 1974 mark bowery mills oakland wesleyan persona yale oberlin
gain ground greene exhibitions benefit crash stolen printed matter
siggraph kiosk age information penn pittsburgh proofs city faculty sean
smith square zero power gender immure destroy music harbourfront pan
conceptuals maki tokyo nature far hills 75 gotham mart 70 artbyte
panamorenko transit hymen perforation 13 laurie cubbison consider
fractured mirrors 12 uncontrollable bodies bay lips vulvamorphia transmog
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about outsider decomposition transamerican avant garde interviewed by
godfrey five homocore connie bostic ymi barbara simcoe i want take picture
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originator artwaves representation 688 political evening ways completed
cogitations ltd earthrise systems head meta corporation headed 1963


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those forever disciples leaders among when nothing p leaves nikuko away
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throbbing wet salt air freezing clara ghost alan julu spreads big
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cut off did slit ange strange sondheim todays thu problem tbyars regedit
topics inconceivable bendings hide pricks corpse teeth ear war everything

it is terrible we are on this earth

of the league of nations

we do not comprehend these colors and signals
these symbols and murmurs beneath the scales
or the neural attitudes of the symbolic

does the symbolic have attitudes
this small insect was discovered
between the pages of the charter for the League of Nations


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