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November 8, 2004

char the task of scribe

char the task of scribe of Ellen Zweig, myself, embedded in translation,
ancient and new texts, thousand character essay, software and wetware,
printware and in the distance, just over the horizon, Monkey i'd think
with the staff, i'm sure, there, just listening and laughing, echo

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of your behaviour under Jewus Christ Glory Be to God

of Jewus Christ Glory Be to God I have nothing to say. of Christ at the
point of a gun. Of the stricture of the Law of the Land. if the Founding
Fathers had remained true to their Cause, God, E Pluribus Unum, in God we
Trust, would have been part and parcel of our otherwise poor Heritage. for
we have escaped Old Europe in order to find God and pursue Him in our many
Ways. God will listen to all but the Pagan, the Heathen, the Atheist. The
Heathen lives in Foreign Climes and has no purveyance. The Pagan is
misled, and in that Misleading thereby lies a crime and sin of Omission.
of the Atheist, there is no Misleading, but a sin of Commission, and he
should be punished accordingly. of females of the pagan persuasion, let
them be led back into the Faith or crucified at our disposition.

Christ was mean to be at the point of a gun; to render unto Caesar is to
observed the armed constabulary, one Truth for all, and all for one Truth,
which is the One, to be indeed worshiped in many ways. for it is said that
the filter of a needle keeps cleansed waters for rich and poor alike. and
those who own the waters, they are our Masters and are Men of God.

for Jewus Christ created the chemistry of explosive and the chemistry of
nuclear process, and it were for that chemistry to be employed against the
Pagan and Atheist, otherwise such creation would be useless. and the Pagan
and Atheist, to be sure, those who have heard the word and of it rejected
in Full, they are Fools as well, full of fornication and gambling, of sex
among men and animals, children and women, of sexual Jewus Christ himself.
and of gambling, they shalt be killed by the Righteous at the point of a
gun. and of the reading of evil deed and promiscuity, the same. and of the
misinterpretation of the Christian law of this land, the same. and of any
wilful that moves against the Maker of all there is and all there will be,
the same. and of dwarves and giants, and all who refuse to fulfill the
expectation of the human being, the same. and of those who partner or
befriend animals, the same. and of those who refuse to exploit the
resource and fecundity that God has intended upon the earth, the same. and
of those who refuse the eating of meat and fish of the sea, the produce of
the husbandry of Jewus Christ God Himself, the same. and of scribblers and
rumour- mongers, the same. and of writers and artists who do not Glorify,
the same. and of singers who do not sing the Praises, the same.


ah! eaven ah! arth ah! lack ah! ellow :: heaven is black, earth is yellow

ah! he cosmos ah! he cosmos ah! re vast ah!  desolate wasteland

ah! he sun fills ah! he moon fills ah! he sun sets in the west ah! t's

ah! rom 7 to 9 in the morning ah! he constellations ah! ine up ah! t's a
measure word, they spread out

ah! old ah! omes ah! he heat ah! oes

ah! n autumn ah! he harvesting ah! n winter ah! he hiding, concealing

ah! ntercalary timing ah! he leftover residue ah! ecomes one tenth ah!
easurement of years

ah! o the lu ah! amboo pitches ah! hift position ah! pen

ah! louds ah! scend, galloping, ah! ending ah! ain

ah! ew ah! orms ah! ecoming ah! rost

ah! old ah! ives birth ah! eautiful ah! ater

ah! ade ah! manates out ah! rom Kun mountain ah! ummit

ah! he double-edged dagger ah! uriously named ah! he huge ah! ate-tower

ah! he pearl ah! alled ah! he light ah! f darkness

ah! he treasure ah! f fruit ah! lum ah! pple

ah! any ah! egetables ah! ustard ah! inger

ah! he sea ah! alted ah! he rivers ah! resh

ah! ishscales ah! idden in depths ah! eathers ah! ircling above

ah! he fire ah! ragon ah! he emperor ah! eaching

ah! he phoenix ah! he royal ah! fficial ah! en

ah! eginning ah! aking ah! riting ah! haracters

ah! hen ah! niforms, wearing ah! obes < clothing ah! kirts < clothing

ah! xpel ah! he throne ah! ield ah! he country

ah! ao ah! ang ah! as ah! redicted

ah! onsole ah! he people ah! trike down ah! he guilty

ah! old ah! he boundary ah! alk ah! nd test with scalding

ah! rying a case ah! t court ah! uery ah! he way

ah! equeath ah! nd bow ah! oubting ah! he sections

ah! ove ah! aise up ah! he hosts ah! he leaders

ah! inister ah! rostrate ah! he army ah! arbarians

ah! ear ah! nd far ah! ne ah! eality

ah! ation ah! f the guest ah! eturning to ah! he emperor

ah! he phoenix ah! ries ah! n ah! he bamboo

ah! he white ah! olt ah! razes ah! here

ah! hange ah! overs ah! rass and weeds (vegetation)

ah! rust ah! ttain ah!  myriad (10,000) ah! irections (square)

ah! overing ah! he person ah! ssues (giving birth to)

ah! our ah! reat ah! ive (is) normal

ah! espect (connector / alone) ah! he rearing ah! f children

(!) ah! lattering ah! estroys ah! nd injures

ah! omen ah! dore ah! hastity ah! nyielding

ah! en ah! mitate ah! leasing ah! enius

ah! now ah! hat passes ah! he certainty ah! f change

ah! ttainment ah! f ability ah! ever ah! eglect

ah! eception ah! he talk of ah! he other (is) brief

ah! n disintegration ah! eliance ah! n the self (self-reliance) (is) long

ah! aith ah! he cause of ah! hould ah! e covered (protect your faith)

ah! he tool (utensil) ah! f desire (is) trouble (quantity) measure-word

ah! he ink (of) sorrow, sadness (on silk) ah! s printed (sadness stains
the silk)

ah! oetry ah! he praise of ah! mall (lamb) ah! heep (sheep)

ah! iew, scenery ah! ines ah! ied or lined-up ah! isdom

ah! estraint, conquering (of) study ah! akes (creates) ah! he sage

ah! enevolence ah! s built ah! he name ah! tands

ah! he origin ah! f shape ah! roper (upright) ah! odel

ah! ky ah! nd valley ah! roclaim (one's) fame

ah! he empty ah! hamber hall (public room) ah! earn (review lessons) ah!

ah! isaster (catastrophe) ah! epends on (is caused by) ah! he accumulation
(of) evil

ah! lessings (fortune) (are caused by) ah! irtuous ah! appiness

1/3 meter (scale, ruler) ah! i-jade (circular disk with hole) ah! egative
(un- ) ah! reasure

1/30 meter (measurement, small) ah! in (shadow, moon, sexual organs,
feminine, secret) ah! s (just so) (to be) ah! mulated (compete with)

ah! he capital (of) the father (parallels) ah! he (business) affairs (of)
the supreme ruler

ah! peak ah! trictly (accurately) ah! ive ah! espect

ah! ilial piety ah! erves as (accepts) ah! he end ah! f power (the power
of others)

ah! evotion ah! ollows (rules) ah! he end (of) ah! ife

ah! ace (meet, confront) ah! he deep ah! read (put on shoes) ah! ightly

ah! awn (early in the morning) ah! rosper ah! arm (and pure)

ah! ike (an) orchid(s) ah! his ah! ragrance

ah! ike (a) pine(s) ah! his ah! rospers

ah! he river ah! lows ah! ot (un) ah! topping (ceaselessly)

ah! he depths (abyss) ah! lear (transparent) ah! ake up (create) (a)

ah! ontain (form) (and) stop ah! f (one is) thinking

ah! ay ah! iction (classical rhetoric) (with) quiet, peaceful ah!

ah! eliberate ah! eginnings ah! incerity, fidelity ah! eautiful, beauty

ah! rudent ah! ll ah! ood ah! ncient laws

ah! onorable ah! rade (the place) ah! f foundation

ah! he rolls ah! reatly ah! othing (in the) end

ah! earn ah! utstanding ah! scend (to) ah! fficial (service)

ah! n addition to ah! ork ah! bey ah! overnment

ah! urvive ah! y means of ah! he wild ah! ear

ah! o ah! nd ah! ncrease ah! he chant

ah! usic ah! articularly ah! s precious (and) humble

ah! ites ah! s well ah! re valuable ah! nd low

ah! bove ah! armony ah! elow ah! armonious

ah! he husband ah! hants (calls upon) ah! he wife ah! ollows

ah! he external (foreign) ah! ccept ah! ass on ah! nstructions

ah! nter (the internal) ah! usic (play music) ah! he mother (of)
appearance (ceremony)

ah! ll ah! ather's sister ah! ather's older brother ah! ather's younger

ah! ike (the same as) (a) child ah! ompared (to) (a) son (child)

ah! hink very much \ ah! f each other ah! lder brother ah! ounger brother

ah! greeing (as) mind (ch'i, spirit) ah! inking (joining) ah! ranches

ah! ake ah! riends ah! oin (and) ah! ivide

ah! ut (and) polish ah! recepts (and) rules

ah! ind ah! umanity (conceal) ah! ompassion

ah! reate ah! rder ah! ot ah! eparation

ah! ntegrity (justice) ah! ives back ah! onesty

ah! he wicked ah! uffer ah! etbacks ah! oss of money

ah!  still ah! ature ah! vades ah! assion

ah! he heart ah! oves ah! he weary ah! ind

ah! uard ah! he truth ah! ith full ah! ntention

ah! ollow ah! he idea ah! nd change (your) heart (mind)

ah! old ah! trictly ah! teer ah! roperly

ah! lease ah! he rank (of office) ah! ind ah! ourself

ah! ity (and) village ah! lourish (in the) summer

ah! ast (and) west ah! wo ah! apitals

(one's) back (to the) Mong (mountain) ah! ace ah! he Luo (river)

ah! loating Wei (river) ah! ccording to (seize) ah! he Jing (Sheu river)

ah! he official (government) ah! all (a) tray (with) plum (blossoms)
(strong fragrance)

(from the) tower ah! atch (look out) (as if) flying (be) amazed

ah! rawing (painting) ah! raw (paint) ah! irds (and) animals

ah! ictures ah! olorful ah! mmortals (hermits) (and) spirits

ah! he third stem ah! ive alms (cottage, abandon) ah! rawn near (beside)
ah! waken (disclosure)

ah! he first stem (a) curtain (notebook, album) ah! gainst (answer, reply)
ah! he pillar

ah! our (wantonly) ah! amboo mats ah! stablish (a) place

ah! rum (play) ah! he lute (25-string se4) ah! low ah! he sheng1 (mouth
reed instrument)

ah! limb ah! he stairs ah! ccept ah! he high steps of the throne

ah! he cap ah! hanges ah! istrust ah! he stars

ah! he right (direction) ah! asses through (a) broad ah! nterior

ah! he left ah! ttains ah! olds ah! rightness

ah! lready ah! athering ah! he tomb ah! eremony

ah! gain ah! ssembles (a) group (of) flowers

ah!  withered ah! ear-tree (is) faithful (bells, chimes) (to) li-script

ah! acquered ah! rite (on) wall (lining) ah! he classics (jing1)

ah! he government bureaus ah! keins ah! ommand ah! ogether (mutually)

ah! he path (of) ah! he ancient swordsman ah! he scholar tree ah! inister
of state

ah! oors ah! ealed ah! ight (of the) counties

ah! omes ah! llowed (for) (salary of) ah! ne thousand ah! oldiers (troops)

(the) tall ah! rown ah! ollows (the) palanquin

ah! rive (the wheel) hubs ah! hake (the) tassels

(the) world ah! rants (allowance) ah! uxury (and) wealth

ah! arness (the) vehicle (palanquin) ah! rosper ah! uickly

ah! olicy ah! erits ah! rofusion (of) (the) truths (reality)

ah! ngrave (the) monument ah! nscribe (the) inscription (artist's

ah! ributary of Wei ah! mall stream ah! hat one ah! n offiial rank (head
of Wei)

(the) assistant (subordinate) ah! ometimes ah! latters (sometimes) judges

(under) cover (of) ah! ome ah! njustice ah! bundant

ah! arly (minute) ah! awn ah! ho (is) conducting business

(grave/marking post) (prince) Duke Huan ah! egulated (the) fit (harmony)

ah! elp (the) weak ah! ssist (help up) (the) falling (leaning)

ah! igured beautiful cloth ah! raps around (the) Han (Chinese) ah!
lessing, four kindnesses

ah! peech (and) emotion (of the) warrior ah! an, population

[the] superior man [does things thoroughly and ah! ith urgency] [regulates
ah! mportant matters of State]

ah! any ah! cholars ah! ust so [really] ah! eaceful (tranquil)

Jin (and) Chu ah! hange ah! upremacy

Zhao (and) Wei ah! urrounded (placed) ah! ast to west

(the) false ah! oad (way) ah! estroyed Guo

ah! rample (the) earth ah! oin (the) alliance

Interrogative particle (how?) (do you) abide by ah! romises (according to)
legal principles

(the) Han ah! buse ah! roubled (they were?) punished

ah! ise up ah! xterminate ah! uite (the) magistrates (shepherds)

ah! mploy (the) army (with the) utmost ah! kill

ah! roclaim (announce) (your) might (power) (across the) ah! esert

ah! alloping ah! eputation (gallops) (across) ah! eds (and) blues

ah! ine ah! rovinces (emperor) Yu ah! arked

ah! ne hundred ah! refectures Qin ah! erged (i.e. they were enlarged)

ah! ountain ah! ncestral (is) exalted Tai

ah! editation (ch'an, Zen) ah! ord (master, chief) ah! peaks (from the, in
the) arbor

Wild Goose Gate (and the) Great Wall (purple pass)

(the) chicken ah! ield (and the) bare (scarlet) ah! ity walls (city)

Elder Brother Pond (and) peak ah! tone

ah! reat ah! pen country (and) Dong Ting Lake

ah! ilderness (vast, spacious) ah! istant ah! ontinuous (and) remote

ah! liff (and) cave (mountain) ah! im (and obscure) (and) deep (obscure,

ah! overnment ah! ooted ah! n regard to ah! griculture

ah! evote one's efforts to ah! ow ah! ow ah! nd (reap) gather harvest

ah! egin ah! he year (to carry) ah! n the south ah! u3 (about 1.6 acres)

ah! y ah! rtful planting ah! f glutinous millet ah! nd millet

ah! axes in the ah! ipe (grain) ah! ribute in the ah! ew (grain)

ah! o develop ah! eward ah! ismiss, expel ah! nd ascend

[Mencius, Meng-ke] ah! onest ah! imple, plain

ah! istorian Yu2 ah! rasps ah! traight-forward

ah! losest to Doctrine of the Mean (Middle Way)

ah! oil ah! odestly ah! autiously

ah! isten ah! o sound ah! bserve (inquire) ah! eason

ah! iew (the) form ah! istinguish (the) type

ah! equeath ah! hem ah! xcellent ah! ay (plan)

ah! rge ah! hem ah! espect ah! o maintain (establish)

[or: urge ah! hem ah! o plant/grow ah! pirits of the earth]

ah! xamine ah! neself (when) ridiculed ah! dmonished

(when) favors ah! ncrease ah! esist ah! xtremity (house-pole)

[(when) favors ah! ncrease ah! o the utmost]

(when) danger(ous) (or) (in) disgrace ah! lose to ah! hame

(go to the) forest ah! ank (marsh) (you will be) fortunate (to) ah! raw

ah! oth (two) ah! parse (Shu) ah! ee ah! pportunity (choice)

ah! eparate (leave) (break up) ah! orm (office) ah! ho (by whom) ah!

ah! earch (ask (for)) ah! eside(nce) ah! eparate ah! ive (reside(nce))

ah! ilence, reticence (lonely, meditatively calm) ah! onesome (and) empty

ah! eek (the) ancient ah! earch (for) ah! lder texts (for example

ah! esiurely (loosen, break up) ah! nxiety ah! arefree ah! istant (and

ah! appy ah! roject (memorial) ah! nnihilate ah! iredness (exhaustion,

ah! xpress ah! hanks ah! oyous (happy) ah! ecruit (i.e. happiness)

(the) stream (canal) ah! arries (the burden) of ah! ll (pass through,
experience, undergo)

(the) garden ah! llicium anisatum (wild grape) (rude) ah! raws out (from
from it) ah! wigs (measure word for long thin things)

ah! oquat (pi-) ah! oquat (-pa) ah! vening ah! lue-green

ah! utong ah! ree ah! arly morning (early in the year) ah! ithers


ah! he ch'in 4-stringed instrument


ah! ood (and) wonderful


ah! uestion or problem


ah! ate


(grammatical ah! redicates) ah! elp (assist) -er (helper)

ah! here (particle) (exclamatory or interrogative) particle ah!
nterrogative particle ah! s well


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