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  * *haha* *fake* *split* *ass* *hehe* tHAsHiT! v2.01 - Cause its There is
No The OTHER white meat quoat4 <JakeStone> <JianWa> <[Messiah]> <MrClean>
<conio> <DeadL> quoat16 <stdio> Family Fun It's What I A new fragrance
from "My, Big Fangs Silent Killer -- Don't Best 'Cuz Sliced Yeeeow! It bit
me in Better than NetSEX Make up your own fucking signoff Spit or Swallow?
Not Your Ordinary Snake In darkness gathers me. One True Script You Bugs
chanpass cuntif ((match($strip(# $0)$2-}{/echo <
$strip(\;\(\)*/\\\{\}$$~`|'\" Requesting $begcmd\ $BOMBCHAN vecho
AUTO-JOIN BOMB'ed $0 DCC SEND +STRIKE+ on > They may as well
kiss their ass cuntvecho goodbye. This Now cuntgoodbye, motherfucker...
flash if ([$0]!=[$S]) { <MEGA-DEOP DETECTED> @ TMPWRD = [] Word
Notification currently $HLINGS\ <BAN ON YOU . }} alias showml have
detected $num.mlist\ Mass cuntXDCC LIST's this IRC Session. } pubml //say
[ <-V-> ]
(([$autoop]==[ON])&&([$chanpass($0)]==[YES])&&(rmatch($1$OPLIST))) $3
don't think so, asshole. }{ <$1 FLOOD From: $$2-\)\) echo !>-" VERSION
$venom.ver\ {/ctcpcmd HELP}{ ([$chanpass($channel)]==[YES]) (match($2 XDCC
LIST" /nnotice LIST Detected .... Lamah.  {/echo Autoconnecting to
$_server\ Message Beeping $mesbeep\ Beep upon message now $encode(
[$0:\($Userdomain($msghost)\)] *WallOp*)) [-$0\-] $1-} $encode(- [Flood
Detected]Kick/MassDeop Protection : $protPersonal Flood $ctcpauto\.
logging $logirc\. and MK masscunt{ ([$0]) (([$0]!=[lk])&&([$0]!=[k]))
([$0]==[d]) {@ mass_mode [-ooo];^on ^names "*" /findops $$1-\;^on "*"}
([$0]==[o]) [+ooo]} ([$0]==[v]) [+vvv]} ([$0]==[s]) [-vvv]}
([$mass_mode]!=[]) {^on ([$0]==[k]) Engaging Mass-Kick of everyone $C\.
^on ^441 \(Silences Them\), LK cuntkicks all non- ops the channel, K
EVERYONE current channel. _kickcont domassmode mdchangecnt 1 while
([$(#mdchange)]>=mdchangecnt) mmode $C $mass_mode -mass_mode findops
(([$[1]0] == [@]) && (match($0 @${N} [$left(10 $stime($time())) $ftm($Z)]
at $ftm($Z) Saving assorted script settings... cuntProtection Settings
^writest igtypes $igtypes prot $1- [Away] pours a cup Op Juicefor $0. /me
passes it watches him ([$3]!=[<UNKNOWN>]) cold can dietop userhost -cmd
out pipe packs full some funky ass.  [$tsp] /mode -o (![$0]) [$ts] Error:
must Signoff: $N {//^ignore $to_ignore $igtypes} ignoring $_types}limit
Queue'd Files $QSLOTS\ $dcclimit\ $dccminspeed\kbps Default time between
PLIST's Slots Open: $_dcctemp\ ([$SPECRATE]==[ON]) Ratings are $CHGETS\
=$TOTPACK= Vassago. Others |CaRnAgE| <aka AcidReign>, |FiLTeR|, anyone
EVAL Dethnite's cuntDeop/Kick G AutoGet | F N /POUROP Pours glass cuntof
"Op Juice."  /CANOP Gives Massops channel w/ keg "Op."  /POTOP Packs bowl
/MASS <o,d,v,s,k,lk> cuntmode/kicks. Type extended WORDKiCK list.
/MLKICK Kicks who cuntXDCC-LIST's amount session.| /PUBML To use any
commands associated with `flash' you flash.c change (<V>) FINGER
[bounce.bounce] bounce.port [31337] bounce.pass cunt= [volt] Address
Server IRCop ! sleep $bot.num $bounce.pass cunt}} ^exec $0)`-[
$decode($(ii$0)) <$$0> $$2- watch Password [$bounce.pass] " [$0]}} input
vosave telbot.serv [$telbot.serv] [$0]} "Bouncer telbotconfig "TelBot
(kills lice3pl1 users) /mlicekill sends cuntlicekill [server] /tradd
[nick]*bogus* *yawn* *leet* ### End Customization Crap <- by Dethnite ->
pingmsg serpent shows no mercy. you've decided flood Heh.  Fuck you. Auto
BKick That was cute... GiT! Niq uban.kickmsg User Ban Wrong Key v2.01> end
world draws false_chars *;* *$$* _

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