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November 21, 2004


I didn't think there was much - but this analysis has convinced me 

Fuck Bush.

Please come and see this work in the original! - Alan

LESLIE THORNTON and ALAN SONDHEIM screening of new work

NOVEMBER 27th (Saturday) at 8 p.m.

66 East Fourth Street, New York

Please come!

LET ME COUNT THE WAYS: MINUS 10, 9, 8, 7 (20 min., 2004) by LESLIE
THORNTON. "LET ME COUNT THE WAYS is an ongoing serial about violent terror
and its aftermath. In episodes Minus 10, 9,8, and 7, personal reminiscence
is mixed with archival and new footage in an exploration of the interior
of fear. From footage of the artist, a father on the way to Hiroshima,
through reference to 9/11, the phenomenology of horror and the echo of its
rupture are presented with an intensity which moves the viewer from
history to the present and beyond." (Leslie Thornton)

WORLD PREMIER (length and presentation mode variable, 2004+), by ALAN
SONDHEIM. "I usually work with laptop performance; this time we'll try DVD
+ voiceover. It's more monolithic, maybe more intense." "Sondheim produced
many of these works through creative mis-use and adaptation of the motion
capture technologies at the VEL (Virtual Environments Laboratory). Using
the technology against the grain, Sondheim disrupted and redistributed
built-in assumptions about the imaging and integrity of the human body and
the capture of the 'real.' The results are beautiful and moving, both
alien and very human, enigmatic and intimate." (Sandy Baldwin, West
Virginia University)

Admission $7 / $5 member
Telephone 212-673-0090 for further information.


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