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the world of fiction-of-philosophy around 1995

reflecting the dull black char of the world.
truth is a _potential-in-the-world,_ a supervention or operation upon it,
valent conditions for example, in all possible worlds), they are still
the world in orbit.  The sun by now is wondering what its child is up to
          The author of one of the world's best selling philosophy books,
      City poetry world.  Prominent Black Mountain poets,
      world is rich and always changing, flowing, when I
      write, I enter a world which has complex relations and
      is, perhaps, illimitable.  This world both represents
      of human intentions.  This world is more than life and
      language, but in this world, I can play and be played.
      political realm, can be dictator of this world.
networks, and Petrie nets. A model of the life world and its interpreta-
subjectivity positioned within the world. There were distinctions among
world everyone loves science.
longer potential, but the collapse of worlds rendered
into her own. A sad sweetness, smile, accompanies the inner world. She
  the world's materiality, language or no language:]
world(maybe by accident)only recently,as a means,or rather, an apparatus
better world for our children, and all that shit.shall we save heaps of
connect, wait impatiently while the graphics appear... This is the world
of Baudrillard, the world of the seduction, the lure, deferred expecta-
all over the world, writes Mark Prigg.
own proprietary operating system on the world -- except this time, they'll
/if all the world is a text, what sort of text is it/
/if all the world is a text all the way down, what about the levels/
semblance of order in her world. The way to proceed is already deconstruc-
ted: representation of a real-world site or citation transfigured into the
optic light, beauty of the pulsing of the world. Gravity plays little
back, knowing all along the violence of the world.
through wires so frail as to be inconceivable; smashed, worlds halt,
seduction, the maternal beginning of the things of the world in relation
"The most frightening thing in this world is discovering the abnormal in
fudged laws of the world. I say: Action does not require knowledge.
matronymic, metonymic. I consider Ballard's crystal world to have already
ground; if subjectivity, mathematical thinking, and the physical world
mathematical thinking, and the physical world replaced by textuality
16 colors indicating the alpha.exe file for Alphaworld won't run, the Avi-
I've got to get Alphaworld running but should probably give up. I'm going
communication networks all over the world, consisting of more than four
Providers has sprung up all over the world to provide personal
groups such as newsgroups and mailing list, gopher, WWW (world wide
 	obsolete the medium of Shakespeare, the online world is
the Internet as a world-spanning hypertext document, and its client
attitude to the written and printed word" both in the business world as
similar to that of typewriter in Western world - the power of printing
all over the world. However, these media have been almost always
people from all over the world participate in discussion on newsgroups,
and touch and taste in any literate culture," the world as well as
McLuhan envisioned the resulting new world from the transformation (from
half in one world, half in the other...
parcel! Files transform into granular strata, encompassing the world of
writing, world of reading: INSCRIBE!
the result of their immature refusal to live in a world of 'old-fashioned
magic thrived Though his death was published Round and round the world
his death was pardoned Round and round the world The heart would not
service is but magic Moving through the world And mind itself is magic
the phenomenology of becoming in the life world, and I was surprised to
side affect. Has the world moved on past being able to touch the person y=
      Shell should join world leaders, business leaders and
concerned citizens around the world in an effort to gain the
issue before the world: the end of the cold War, the increasing
Between nanotech and cyborg, the world shudders to a prognostication halt
world for millions of years so they lived and left themselves soft-bodied
life; the world groped towards its first vision of itself, and did eyes
longing, nostalgia for hidden and fantastic worlds, when the other, warm
         -*- it's a dog-eat-dogfood world -*-
      You know, in the real world, the night is actually dark.=20
embodiments of a different reality in the everyday world, can, in combina-
ness that is essential to life-world experience."
the world as an equally lost whole.
    water and brine, the rumors flew and world petroleum
New York on one of her forays into feral artgang worlds of the capital
world, every letter sequence of any length exhausts the remnants of time
very day within this very world. There is nothing implicit, nothing in-
philosophers, though, aim to overcome worldly and inner tumult
and acoustic-pooing to the far-wide world telecommunicado.
to live that much longer, this world's not worth it.
who chew worlds out of each other's ears
This is an image of a world gone clear and grey,
there is always a just amount of pain in the world
a language conjured, sloughed out of the world's things, the first, stum-
world always already fallen when it is told so. The _cartoon_ is the
sign of the world, the sign's horizon, unreachable debris. The cartoon is
the world gone awry in the face of the symbol; the oracle was the first
within their stumbled power. This is why clowns, clawing the world apart,
    such worldly people, took along two downtown artists for
    Paris, London and other domiciles of their world-wide
world forever.  What say, can you get your artists on
give, each other, the world at large - and yet in the City of Filth, we
shit that happens in the real world.....Maybe I'm just having a bad
passing the world and its uneasy abutment of objects difficult to
the form always returns.  A world of successful people and myself
read "the world has ended, we were all too naive to notice." and a metaphoric
real world.
Estimated number of USENET sites, worldwide: 260,000
your wires.  Hell is a thing of this world, we call it subjectivity.
real world.
    of today's world," belonged in the pages of women's
your wires.  Hell is a thing of this world, we call it subjectivity.
the other girls look at him. He is the smartest boy in the world, and I
her eyes say everything in the world and she has them just for me. And
smarter than anyone I've ever met, the smartest person in the world. I
know the two of us will go far, there's nothing like it in the world, oh
book. The world vibrates, heads towards pure mass. Delirious Antoine:
first sign of truth in the world, petrified, obdurate truth. Returned to
the great minds of the world to solve, neat and tidy.
with the world.
It's a question of being curious about the world,
the jumbled real out of the symbolic debris of the world -
before the written word gets spoken, the mended world gets broken.  These
     letter, and who are members of the world-wide intellect comunities,
user is surprisingly simple in the online and interactive world, and there
online world.  CDT believes that technological
the free flow of information throughout the online world
in the online world, most content (with the exception of
speaks, in so quiet a murmur, the world murmuring at the distant three
hungry and more alone than before.  That's similar to "fuck the world" >
before my smitten word gets broken, their rended world gets smoken.  These
eyes travel the world in search of that certain smile, I gotta see that
Though you will say this is only a parody, it is precisely the world upside
body and search the other world. Gopher, WAIS, ftp. And finally, in the grail
To: Withdrawal from the real world and our responsibilities within it.
          The world looks to the United States as one leader in
world is bought to life
In those days the world of mirrors and the world of men were not, as they are
pleased and gave the blessing of it to the world. Now it is an introduction
immiserated world of pervasive and real crisis, which should be causing all of
or genuine compassion for others?  Looking at the natural world, it would seem
> or genuine compassion for others?  Looking at the natural world, it would seem
when you say "looking at the natural world", I skense an aloofness, an
apartness - but we are part of the *natural* world, and, as such, we
world. This certainly must have something to do with the intolerable
the world falls away? Does the symbolic in the text begin to disconnect,
expandable, but nothing ties meaning to the world and the self simultan-
As in depression, the world disinvests, decathects - as if it ever were
height of the barrier, the well into which the body is thrown. The world
with the intermediary status of the soiled world.
neath the surface. The world is severed by virtue of the microtome.
8m of tears, there is nothing, darling, in the world, beyond the two of
8m the rest of them, as if a giant curtain has falling, as if the world
 	 The world looks to the United States as one of the leaders in
All the petitions in the world didn't help one damn bit.
4. Relax, it's not the end of the world.  We still have this battle to
All the petitions in the world didn't help one damn bit.
All the petitions in the world didn't help one damn bit.
none, but that happens in the so-called "real world" as well. It
just as it is in the real world.  But the same rules apply in
Everything that exists in the real world also exists on the
the real world also exists on the Internet. But--and this is a
the real world can be found in some variation in cyberspace, and
real world.
?Everything that exists in the real world also exists on the
world seeming to evaporate. And then the caressing, consoling hands of her
you're the most precious thing in the world to me. Please don't be mad at me.
Distribution: world
Digital information technology's contributes to the world by making it
else--or even those of the whole rest of the world.  (Typically
it is the loneliest space in the world.
disappeared. the world withdraws into silence.
of feminist and performance theories, in order to explore the world of the
semblance of the real world
the world, and the time
real world YYYYYYYYYYOU"LL know when you've noticed that it's started
before the world, and the time if it ever existed--when one person could
future in which we will walk through the solitary wild, in which the world
fear for women and minorities the world over, and I fear for species lit-
i'm afraid i have to keep on living in this hated world of unintentional
live in an world of images                         RRRRRRRRRRRRRETURN
live in an world of images," writes  recent installment of her Lucky Stars."
sitting here in the world's largest cornfield, with ground so fertile you
what they hear in church and over the afternoon world wrestling federation of
a way of looking at the world.  The work in this book centers around a common
analytically, to came to grips with the world.  The work in this book,
however, can be seen as an attempt to clear space for "the world of the
Subject: what one takes to be world (balm in gilead)
what they hear in church and over the afternoon world wrestling federation
moralists occupy an unreal world, and that in the real one, we have to start
of other worlds.
                           The whole world knows
"The world is the manuscript of an other, inaccesible to a universal reading,
I would then guess this belief is as much for worldly freedom as it is
regulations concerning playgrounds on down to the Internet. The world
optical linkages to the world outside. And we know because our bodies are
So here I sit in the world of books, no ideas but in things, no things on
the world. They fell to the ground. Always something was about to begin.
Something began on the lip of the stage. It was the world.
Someone signed the world.
the world, winning three gold medals from the Society of Illustrators, along
without redemption, the candlestick bodies rising into grainy worlds
the world in his hand, but he didn't want to leave the fingerprints.
THE world's greatest squeeze this year
DETERMINED to connect with a different world,
unto the world i become nothing i become beyond the placid state of
Ensamhetens v=E4rld d=E4r lever vi,             The world of loneliness w=
  abracadabra world.
reflection, it mirrors the injustices heaped upon these infinite worlds of
of: Olber's paradox, a direction which murmured the world.
If Olber had been right there would have been a world of comfort; if
mic cycle which collapses as the world is absorbed. It is a transformation
for itself. What an appropriation! The Engine inscribes the absorbed world
gives it to the world. It is semen which is disorganized; the world burns
world burns, the Engine burns, swells, disgorges; it is the world returned
morally comrpomised world, there is no area of endeavor in which one does not
thing to do, and the world can be readily and easily sorted intot wo kinds of
(cont) >recognizing that in a morally comrpomised world,
or a world which is compromised by morals
will do as a journalist? Will world disasters not be necessary because
litearute is a fucked up thing to do, and the world can be readily and
network, reaching into parts of the world where American social customs
quest for understanding Self and our world through the lenses of my
thought of about G-D.  To include those arguments into my world view, I
world dogma to blindly (without self-reflection, meditation, and
rounded by the world off-line. Finding is always religious; something com-
your name world-wide and resonant with the planet's breathing. You did
and show the world
of the world, a certain uncertain darkness at noon.
  this world, disagree with his whiney evil philosophies. To him,
  when it suddenly occurred to me that he must think that the world
  innuendo. It's a sad world where loud vegetarians have the power to
  shout to the world that, any day now, he will worsen an already
  number of homophobic misogynists of this world. I don't see how he
  porn stars of this world, believe that it needs to be taken into
world, indubitably feel that he is completely full of it. It is
the beginning of everything;" of possessing the (material) world; of the
Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story the whole world longs to hear,
trust the world.
fit into others.  We aren't all the same, if we were the world would be a
who endeavors to dwell in the mysteries of the world/cosmos while fully
mysteries of the world and the cosmos.
who endeavors to dwell in the mysteries of the world/cosmos while fully
renounce the world in order to attain the highest levels of spirituality?
mysteries of the world and the cosmos.
civilized world. The civilized world:
only in part. And even as man comes into the world wailing, or awakes with
only in part. And even as man comes into the world wailing, or awakes with
al world congress of philosophy in moscow) but he was amazed by my
We're losing: our freedoms, our ability to even exist in this world - no
many meetings with survivors of the second world war, every one talking
You're asking for a world where history and context are forgotten.  Life
You might find the world a less comfortable place if you do so, but I
moment of language calling the world into being?
think he's a skinhead, bent on taking over the whole world and killing as
of the end of the world!?  Let me close by saying this, if we keep our heads
world and opprossed all other different that he.
Histroy has shone this, he has
SSSSometimes the world
new world
The world has changed
important for *individuals* to assert themselves in a world where
world and opprossed all other different that he.
Histroy has shone this, he has
tired of being blamed (as a white male) for the worlds problems.
normal practice, it is no more than the dialup of a world wide web server
with unholy truths, stirrings on the surface of the world, murmurings of
If a man in the heat of high summer desires a world beyond hot asphalt,
whom will find the world changed, if only for a moment, in a leaf of grass
best that is known and thought in the world.=94   Yet in spite of the


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