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upheaval orgasm & lousy writing follows

i'd write more than you'd read it but you've got to see it
today tried to find some way to project clean from a laptop at Millennium
no such luck, blurred images all the way around s-video out
the mpegs came through ok all thirty seconds they went through final cut
skipping that stage the image disappeared altogether
show in three days trying to get some sort of dvd together
downloaded compressor software for this or that the files don't play
play in winmedia or some such not in dvd
Leslie's making a 78 hour burn and maybe and maybe not
so maybe back to square one minidv of course the quality's not there
not anywhere such limited bandwidth
just about impossible to do much with it in terms of playing around
i can mumble with the microphone with my usual desperation
make people believe this is what they came for
oh oh the sheer beauty of it all
my whole life's interoperable
you can make an image heave though
what you can't do in real life make mountains and valleys
values skewed and screwed


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