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Freedom's just another word for some place to abuse.

I can't stand it at this point. This is rant. I'm sick and tired of
debates. I'm sick and tired of hair-splitting. I find myself hating the
word 'Christian' and everything it stands for. We Jews should have killed
ourselves off; instead, we channeled virulent monotheisms of all stripes,
holocausts without number. We let others do it and do it to us. We do it
to ourselves and others. I hate the word 'pro-life' and everything it
stands for - while children around the world are starving and it's going
to get worse. I'm tired of reasoning against the monolith. Most of all I
hate the word 'freedom' which is a dirty word for everything we want to do
around the world. 'Freedom fries'? You bet - it exposes our intolerance of
anyone daring to disagree with us.

I've been using the word 'fascism' recently; I've always avoided it the
past. I see our situation similar to Karl Kraus' - including the weakening
of the dollar, new levels of mass communication and discourse networks,
silent organizations of disparate groups like the Freikorps into a
right-wing mass. Don't take it seriously! Satire works wonders. I find
Bush a blunt ideologue, one whose violence will ultimately take the world
down. If not Bush, someone else, but the guise is the same, and as mass
communications and populations increase, others equally or far more
violent will come along. Fundamentalisms of all sorts can only take over
in a world of such leaky information flow that the poor are sent to the
Pale, unrepresented, polluted. If I were Pale-poor I would join my masters
to fight their masters. O the righteous fight.

Simulacra return with a vengeance in the face of weapons of mass
destruction - and you know what? These weapons smash ontology in the face.
No longer the world of everyday things - but the world of silent,
invisible, and absent killers, hidden regimes of information, nuclear and
other radiations, invisible viral plagues - all plasma, seepage - what
I've been on about for years. Give me a medal.

I can't master my hatred. I turn it against myself. It's so good for you.
I'm harmless. I'll eat my own flesh. But let me ask you: If you could kill
a world leader - without repercussion - anyone you found criminal or
ultra-violent, a Bin Laden or Hussein - if you could do this without any
recrimination, as if by magic, would you? Would you pray for the death of
a criminal if you believed in prayer?

If a criminal and a leader were one and they were prayed to death, I sure
wouldn't want to make an example of them because then we'd have another
Christ to contend with. One, two, a million, Christs, Meshiachs, Messiahs,
Holinesses, grave-diggers, grave-robbers, undead all. Deliverance of
kindness ends up at the wrong end of a gun.

The Christ of the sermon-mount has all but disappeared. Whatever happened
to liberation theology? Marx and decon are now dirty words and sooner or
later someone will bring up Jew Derrida, Jew Levi-Strauss, all those
intellectuals, and the problems they made for Jew-Marx, Lyotard,
Heidegger, all those others. Return of the killers, killers back at you.
We're there waiting for them. We'll contribute with the book, one, two, a
million books. We'll theorize them to hell and back. We'll show them.
We'll show them pictures.

We'll talk that forbidden subject, biology. We'll ignore the hatreds,
poisons, in our systems, our genetic cess-pools, our desire repeatedly to
bring the world down around us for a filthy grasp at heaven. We'll stab
science in the back as intelligence creationism and arguments about
life-tissue send the world environment teetering towards extinction of
pretty much everything around us. Not much time till armageddon (without
capital), slow and dirty.

You can't argue with biology, man. You can't argue with biology, baby.

Who twists our necks?
We twist our necks.
Who twists our necks?
We twist our necks.

Freedom's just another word for someone to abuse.


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