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December 8, 2004

annihilation to the limit! dedicated to the poetics list:

k27% cd /dev
k28% wc null
        0       0       0 null

i will find some of you there.
i am poison jew. arab-hating jew.
i kill christians. i kill christ.
i spit on your children.
i slaughter your children.
the world is all about me:
  1. it surrounds me.
  2. read the protocols of zion.
israel should be destroyed utterly.
the united states should be destroyed utterly.
i am poison proud zionist.
i will take you with me.
i believe in god.
arabs smell like the jews smell.
you can't clean a semite off a semite.
the best you can do is give it a gun.
jews are the worst people of all.
it is our secret how bad we are.
we whisper it to each other.
jews kill children and old people.
they didn't like to waste their bullets they said.
it is my sickness to be a jew.
i should be destroyed.
it is better to kill than to think.
it is better to kill quickly.
jews have that thing about them.
you know what it is.
it's whispered we will bring the world down with us.
today is the first night of chanukah and we are bent on destruction.
i announce it proudly: we will destroy you all.


i Will Hold You HoSTaGe aNd

aM iNdulGeNCe THiS HuMBlY aM GeorGe iNdulGeNCe doSe ,iF HuMBlY iNdulGeNCe WiTH 
aNd THe CraVe iN WiTH iN eTHiCS THe THiS WiTH You Be eTHiCS doSe Your MaY FroM 
To eTHiCS aNd MaY do NoT To iN MaY NoT GeorGe KNoW reCeiVe SurPriSed NoT WiTH 

FaVour THaT THe To THe FaVour You THe THe uNderGrouNd FaVour THe ForWard 
aPPliCaTioN deCeaSe To THe For For aPPliCaTioN THaT THe To aPProVal THeY TeST 
aPPliCaTioN To To KiNd THeY ForWard

Your a iS iN FaCT a MaN a CouPled THaT

To KNoW NoT SurPriSed adVaNCe To Me aKiN. NoT To reCeiVe PerSoNallY

urGeNT THiS aS Me

oH PleaSe AEIOUJLDR aeioujldr

oH PleaSe


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