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December 15, 2004

innumerable sex and death loopfilm 2 seconds:
ma ma mu mu */quilt section closeup/*
ma ma mu mu */quilt section closeup/*
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ma ma mu mu */quilt section closeup/*
Nikuko>> Fuck me. send me jpg. Get in or out of my life. :-O
Nikuko>> Do you like my tits. What is wrong with your camera.

           Command not foundhical struc
          of the third, the world nothing
          bodhisattvas or saints.of solstice. is pro
          of alms and messiah, those beyond messiah and prayerful.
          I don't know about you, but the backwards text is great; I can't
          are none. Swim among the truth and you shall need none other.

eht si sihT:eht morf nwod dednah neeb sah hcihw hturt fo artus eht si sihT

1          tiny
2 Hidden Treasure
3 Sutra of Truth
4                                        to launch one ship.
5 Shots from above */azure typing/*
6          bodhisattvas or saints.of solstice. is pro
7            The truth waits in the harbor. wo


awk: front:2: ) i-- 1; >= i NF; = i ( for

pico zz;  reserving re CaCl you. for dio GaGet i YOU. FOR GOD GET I yy;

-rwxrwxrwx -rw------- -rw------- drwx------ -rw-r--r-- -rw-------
-rw------- -rw------- drwx--s--x -rw------- -rw------- -rw-------
drwx--s--x -rwxrwxrwx -rw------- drwx------ drwx--s--x drwx--s--x
-rw-rw-r-- -rw------- -rwxr-xr-x drwxr-xr-x -rw------- -rw-------
once failed a course i once was shameful i once had an accident i

      1	"harsh-beating theory"

      1	^Kbecause it cannot be `i` because ^[86^[98^[78^[99 be beaten
      1	^P^Ubecause it could not be beaten it could not be found

      1	'date' she was in pain
she was in pain:  4 we're on the floor:  6 of the third floor of the house

i never hurt nobody
i told on them i didn't mean nothing
she pulled something out of her she buried it
i just lay there
i never hurt nobody
the dogs were hungry
i told on them i didn't mean nothing
the dogs were hungry
i never hurt nobody
i told on them i didn't mean nothing
she pulled something out of her she buried it

     tr '.' '\012' < zz > yy; mv yy zz

^B<^Bnikuko^B>^B hello
<nicuko> none
^B<^Bnikuko^B>^B marred. she was marred. she looked used.
<nicuko> in order that they mix.

start_dozing <anything>

You don't have substance. You don't even have the absence of substance.

something. People can touch you. People can smell you. You, Alan, are even
Alan, are anywhen. You, Alan, have been here and you have been gone. You,
are here always and forever. You, Alan, have ever been around. You, Alan,
the sky. You, Alan, are behind me always and forever. You, Alan, are in

You haven't ever existence. You don't even exist. You're not here at all.




nobody hurt never nobody hurt never nobody hurt never never hurt nobody

     Explicit members:

susan graham[...]
    , susan[...]
oh, susan graham, you are made for me[...]
     , susan graham , susan graham[...]
     , susan graham[...]
               ooo oo oo  oo  ooo oo oo  oo  o ooo oo
                 ooo oo oo   ooo   oo  o oo
        azure lowered the body into the grave prepared by us

     4  grep spherical * > /root/zz
speaking here of a spherical project - contains a _cylinder_ with a
tumescent, your chest swells with the hardness of my tits distended,
tumescent, through the writing or against fingers hovering above the

----------------------------------- You laugh.

of others; we claw through it back to our original face; the tongue, nub

memory. the is mine, my sweet I am tongue speaks so sweetly, turning me

tiffany says, in a light later, these will be known as the real. so says

Death knows no boredom. Nikuko said, Death knows no stopping. Nikuko said,
filled with water. She spat it out of this world, flickering between the

cancers spread like pools of artificial life across desperate thought,
there is only one death, there is only one, that this death has no number


Mr. Wirth

Mr. Wirth, I said, a penny for your thoughts.

Wirth slowly turned in my direction, his face 
blank, whiskey in hand.

Aye, that you should know less than that, he 
replied. Some things let to quieten, I believe.

I couldn't answer. Ever since Wirth appeared in 
the midst of our little group, things hadn't been 
the same. It was difficult to figure precisely 
what the matter was, or to be sure, what the 
matter was with Wirth, but there was matter to be 

I murmured something about the weather, only to 
be met, once again, by silence.

And silence ruled the little bar on the heights 
overlooking the sea, until I shuffed my chair 
about, and left the premises. The long path home 
beckoned me, and I would be at the worries, once 



singing your name and everyone in the chora choir

i knew you'd love this, i really did


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