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December 16, 2004

Loony Days in the Mailq:

Uh, you mean you sent me an error message with a message I sent to me to
tell me that the message wasn't delivered even though the error message
delivered it, is this some kind of error?

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step outside

i mean you

let's have a go at it


- is incredible - Alan

The Wonder

Then she sang the song of the west.
Then she sang the song of the west.

oh jennifer i see you mirrored in my loving face
oh nikuko it is as beautiful as an echo protocol repeating every time
oh jennifer i hunger for your imaginary tell-me-where
oh nikuko every echo poem carries an uncanny aura of truth and murmur
oh nikuko i am your hunger you are my murmur-thirst-for-sound
oh jennifer and nikuko oh nikuko and jennifer
this echo protocol reverberates our words of beauty-love


boom dada boom dada boom
dada boom boom

ck st0ck st0ts kc0ts kc


the cosmos

it turned or it was turning

what do you want to create

the onslaught of second memory, beyond the screen the distant murmur of

moving information at megabytes per second; a delay is not the
(Alan): Ah, you are so beautiful.

SATIN sits at the console. SATIN smiles; her smile lights the world.
goes up, goes down on the handle of the shovel. The fist goes up,
O unrecognizable labor co-existing within the sphere that makes us!

the Other within ASCII, making sense of it. But TIFFANY replies
the bridge now, then cross-town and out west. HONEY had long-gone

Users, gathered together in MIDNIGHT PROTOCOLS, do not be afraid!


We are only given so much time to grow or grieve, so little hearing!
We clarify our own deaths, the deaths of those we love!
Anger pours from the horizon, pours from the storm itself!
The end of the beginning is the beginning of the end!

What's the point of all this?
Would you want to leave this if you could?
Why not shatter your life and the life of your friends?
Would you come with me if you could, love me if you could?
What could you possibly gain in the end?

Do you use a screen at all, or communicate by sound and keyboard?
hard drive into DOS and Unix segments? What is the capacity of your
or workstation or desktop or tower or mini- or mainframe computer,
do you have? How many parallel ports? Do you work with an Amiga and
do you have? Do you have VESA local bus slots? How many floppy drives

The reason?
The letters are black on a green field.     |               |

I write from the air,
Your legs are splayed wide,
Through flood and through flame,

:> this earth silenced, this _punctum_ in the night of readerless space.

         someday soon there won't be any letters

i will slay the master mindflayer

   emote hungers

> no one has been on this moo for several years now.
the sun rises on a rainy day.
tiffany fondles herself.
tiffany jumps up and down with glee.
> @who
of inconceivable loss and despair with memory erased and the going-away
> no one has been on this moo for several years now.

flames, suicide, Lauren Hutton, distributed intelligence, Tonya Harding,

675b  #9370 Darkness before the dawn.  [#-1 does not exist.]
@recycle #2476
@rename Alan (#2476) recycled.

I walk the left, I walk the right;
It has no ears to hear my cries;
I walk it in great fear.

Attack stopped Wed Sep 11 03:01:14 1996 :y/n/q? [n] n

Utterly brilliant utterly blindingly white
White with the slightest shade of grey
Very light grey
Grey with white in it
Grey with the slightest shade of black
Very grey black
Black with grey in it
Utterly dark black

when it is so black, so unutterably black, then I see my eyes' blood and

the aura that rera that results<Alan> into a symptomology, diegesis -

# Birth and Death of Virtual Children
           close (STDOUT);


<Alan> Yes, it happens later, we will rejoin... the others...
<Alan> There will be a Return...
<beauty> router... router down...
[E/X] Connection closed. Autoconnecting to
<Alan> split again, another split
<Alan> We are never all right, we never will be...

Alan sings to Alan beautiful stories about life beneath the kitchen hearth

The infant drowned or injured mother,
You live in your big cars, fast cars.
Fictitious Clara, you are no longer part of me.
What does it mean to have broken your connections?
You do not know me, and you have never known me!
Clara, fictitious Clara, I am so alone!

Ay, Tak-la-ku-a-na-Sar-pa-ni-tum!

When I move my hand my foot moves. When I move my fingers my mouth speaks.
When I move my mouth, nothing happens. When I lift my arm, you come to me.

Sotatsu teleports in.
You hear a quiet popping sound; Hokusai has disconnected.


   1  Julu                 -        25s      loopback

>      The conversations you have seen here are real, they are

J, Well, it's time for the Law.
J, Now that would be the Law of Prohibition.
J, I get the Idea.

I'd rather be beautiful rather than nothing.
Why am I beautiful rather than otherwise?
Why am I living, instead of non-living?

{k:12} ls > ding-an-sich
0000000  060515 066151 047012 073545 005163 005141 060543 062554

*** Mode change "+ntr" on channel #freedom by ChanServ
<^V^> Crashing Netcruizer Lamer: StarLite
<^V^> Crashing Netcruizer Lamer: UniBoy21
<^V^> Crashing Netcruizer Lamer: Ghostoff159

hysteria myself hysteria and hysteria you hysteria are hysteria not

alan          .org           .mil               jennifer
aulr          .net           .czm               hornifer
jupr                                            howniwer
jodr                                            hinnower

 	bodies present and accounted for, bodies reading and writing
 	bodies in the vicinity of the Net, bodies presencing,
 	bodies caught within, bodies entangled,
 	bodies searching, bodies overseeing,
 	bodies supine, bodies overburdened,
 	bodies emptying bodies, bodies of lack,
 	bodies of history, bodies of narrative,
 	ah-bodies of supplication, ah-bodies of control,
 	bodies of endless horizons, bodies of boundless vistas,
 	of the Net of boundless bodies, of their fullness and speech,

Nikuko says, I am in my body.
I say, you are in your body because I say that you are in your body.
Nikuko says, I beg the contrary.
Nikuko changes the position of the commas, I say.
I say, you are nothing more than a marker.
Nikuko says, I am dead, killed, because you have said I am dead.
Nikuko says, I am marked.
Nikuko fucks me.

A                                                         UN
mhis new mexm will be mhe one I murmur in my sleep;
A                                                         UN

that is your name, carried across this? or which might be, say, that of
i am trevor
oh trevor oh i am so glad to hear your words so very typed so nicely to me

I haven't dane anything taday. I have let the haurs pass away.
I've dane nathing anytime taday. There's nathing mare I have ta say.
          toot toot taat taat

Give me a name: _the continuity girl_
Jennifer says: Yes
Jennifer says: Oh, _the continuity girl,_ please talk, murmur to me...
Jennifer exclaims: Oh, I will die!
Jennifer ...

when you come closer i will not know you
when you love me i will not know you
when you raise me i will not know you

sawed by your teeth nikuko
sawed by your teeth nikuko

*** Users on #talk: @Nikuko
^*^ sexy-princess   yup  i am  a 38c  string
*** ^Macer^ has left channel #sex
*** Users on #freedom: @Nikuko
*** Users on #truth: @Nikuko
*** Topic for #philosophy: Is evolution deterministic?
*** Users on #Nikuko: @Nikuko
^*^ Nikuko finds out it doesn't do any good.

I bet you a dollar this won't work.
Well, I bet you ten dollars it won't because I know how it is.
I bet you all the atoms in the universe, there's nothing more to bet!
Well I bet all the atoms and electrons and all the photons too!
I bet all that times the grains of sand ever so often sandy!
Times all the powders in the universe!
Oh I give up!

You say, "I heard that!"

identical to h; r = r; o = o; u is identical to u; g = g; h = h; = ; m is

                        Now Do

Nikuko is your radio radio radio
You say, "Budi Budi Budi"
You say, "Nikuko is your radio radio radio radio radio"
You now have radio with object number #695 and parent generic thing (#5).
Nikuko says radio radio radio

#define nik_width 16
    0x00, 0x00, 0x8b, 0x00, 0x8d, 0x2a, 0xad, 0x29, 0xa9, 0x3a, 0x00, 0x00,

raid0f raid0g raid0h raid1a raid1b raid1c raid1d raid1e raid1f raid1g
~them! I understood that Sally Darlene was literally "the body of the
messages~0~gz messages~1~gz messages~2~gz messages~3~gz messages~4~gz

   he's carrying the girl upon his black stallion
   he's carrying the girl upon his black stallion
   he's carried the girl upon his black stallion
   in the murmuring forest no girl and no father

it in her net. She brought it back. Some men at the dance tried to take

snake e w down e down n s south jump hug snake open snake wave wand at

outside, my mother is dying within the next several hours


am your ooor sara, i am your ooor sarrah, worry thls lnahghral dlsk, whara

      ???? ? ?????? ( ?? 02:37:22 )
  NIKUKO ? hello is nikuko speaking : i am very honored to be here daughter

* Nikuko want to be alone this evening of white dust and stars
<Nikuko> Ah, I will paint in nail-head line! in swallow line!
* Nikuko painters her torn skin into many kanji
<Nikuko> Her dark hair outlinered in white spore her bamboo knot line
* Nikuko brush in loving spores in white beauty anthrax
<Nikuko> I will spread my legs for you, I will be white beauty dust!
* Nikuko writers everywhere upon your beauty beauty

    a gate within a gate

You will get up in the morning.
What will you see?

this time it was the loxahatchee, jacek and i overturned the canoe
( it worked for a minute for a moment.
(      the madness of the image
(      madness of the image

    the camera struggled to rise, it couldn't
    you may have

someone's dying dumb; someone's got to die, someone's got to live,

Nikuko laughs at Nikuko!
You say, "This is desultory."
Nikuko's tongue cut out, available for massacre.
... called from #6:my_huh (this == #15756), line 30
Nikuko cannot laugh at presidents.
You say, "Now you will visit my house again."
Alan knows that death is coming.
You say, "The arms have disappeared! The tongue has disappeared!"
You say, " - the smell of flesh for years -"
She is awake and looks alert.
Nikuko cannot distinguish one from another.
Nikuko is permanent annihilation.
Nikuko screams THE WIRES!

Nikuko says, "because if you want to hold the aura you hold the aura."
Ancient Mirror."
Ancient Mirror doesn't understand that.
What do you want to create?
What do you want to create? Basic Objects
Nikuko is awake and alert and creates Nikuko.

.echo some of my fingers are falling of
.sing i'm freezing i'm freezing the north wind's gonna blow
+ some of my fingers are falling of
Alan sings o/~ i'm freezing i'm freezing the north wind's gonna blow o/~
+ some of my fingers are falling of
Alan sings o/~ i'm freezing i'm freezing the north wind's gonna blow o/~

KA!++ more beyond ahz phiar ahz cueuahzarhz go

towards the end of the twentieth ...  which is caught up in a furious race

    $ "nikuko Nikuko

Clara's tired. Clara goes home. Clara goes to Clara's hole.
some mist blows east some mist drifts around
you're still there at the bottom of the sea
Alan is a gatherer of corpses. Do an inventory, Alan.
WoMan says: Spread his legs!
Man grazed you.
some mist drifts around
some mist blows east
Some mist blows north
Clara says: you are talking to a wraithe
{from the position of a wraithe}
ghost of Alan says: Clara I have tried to kill you.
You wipe your holes with blades of grass. You eat the grass.

    [;r[;H"it's evening here after everything has closed down.

theft dared timer. bug think ill jug

i am the writing for this tree.
i cannot tell what is happening around me nor avoid the axe.

the purpose of a corporation is to maximize profits for its officers.

WHERE THE PASSWORDS WERE I moved across the fourth sector.

amen amen amen
beaut+ beaut+ beaut+
glor+ glor+ glor+
haLYLejula haLYLejula haLYLejula
hohzanna hohzanna hohzanna
on Pe hyghehzt on Pe hyghehzt on Pe hyghehzt
wonder wonder wonder


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Subject: 	i dunno if i buy it but passing it on...

below from:

Bezos, Besando Republican Culo

For his weekly column at Moby, Dennis Loy Johnson looked at corporate political 
donations from online booksellers. The results may surprise you.

-->[W]ondering whether to buy books online at or at Does it make the decision easier for you to know that 98% 
of B&N's corporate political donations went to the Democrats, while 61% of 
Amazon's went to the Republicans?

-->Or maybe you'll be encouraged to get offline entirely and shop at an 
old�fashioned brick and mortar store upon hearing the news that Borders gave 
100% or its donations to Democrats?

For other eye-opening revelations, go to

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