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New Thoughts

I am in the best form I have ever been in this very day.
I am in full contemporary command of my emotions and psychology.
My use of language has never been better than it is today.
I have full concentration to accomplish many things this day.
This day I am at my happiest I have ever been.
I understand difficult concepts and have a fantastic memory now.
Right this moment I am focused more than ever.
Language extends itself contemporaneously in my exciting styles.
Right now I love writing more than ever.
Today I am thinking more calmly than ever.
This perfect moment I am in full health and complete command.
I love working on these texts from day to day.
Here I am doing what I love best.
This day which is my happiest I am writing new and unheard-of thoughts.
Right now I have no stress and am at my calmest and most productive.
I feel best about myself and have good advice to offer anyone.
I am a good person and what I do turns out right and is appreciated now.
I am a fun person and am worthwhile to get to know.
Right now I am writing at the very top of forms.
My abilities are limitless and exciting today and have no bounds.
These are perfect times for being alive and everything I appreciate.
I love where I live and I love my partner and my work.
Our natural beauty in our home is lovely and growing now and continues.
I am more incisive and clear-headed than ever.
In this moment today I am fun and exciting to know.
My health could not be better than it is nowadays.
My days and nights are amazingly productive as in evidence this moment.
Right this moment I am intensely interested in everything about me.
I am an island of stability in the middle of wonderful chaos right now.
My sense of humor is perfected and I am a generous person.


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