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January 5, 2005

So I've been using dynebolic linux on and off for the past couple of days. 
The main problem I've had has been input/output besides the Net. The 
system didn't recognize my wireless on the Compaq, but it connects on both 
the HP and laptop immediately with ethernet.

The main problem, and a huge one for me - it won't recognize USB dongles, 
even though it says within the OS that it does. At a wiki, I found it 
doesn't yet. It also loads the native OS (Winxp for me) as read-only, 
which I find bizarre; even Tom's pocket linux accessed the OS as read- 
write. So it makes saving work difficult. At least on my system, it won't 
write to floppies, although it reports that it has.

As far as nesting goes, I created a dyn.nst on the D: configuration drive 
on the HP (it has C and D, total of 200 mg). When I loaded the OS after 
that - had to step out of course to create it - everything back-fired; the 
X.config files were messed up, and it would load as text-only. I'm sure it 
was the file (which was presumably empty); when I removed it, everything 
works again.

So at least on my system:
can't write properly to the .nst file (come to think of it, it's probably 
that it's not Fat32 on the drives); can't read or write from the dongle 
(tried two different makes); can't go wireless; can't write to the floppy, 
etc. It makes actually _using_ the thing pretty miserable.

Good news is that it _does_ read .mov and I could presumably edit them - 
but I'd have to find a way to get the files off the drive.

Conclusions: great for small file manipulation (I've made a number of 
pieces), but bad for real production unless a. you can reconfigure things 
and have more know-how than I (the average user) has; or b. you can wait 
awhile until the system is more developed.

I've always had a love/hate relation with linux - it's definitely not a 
standard Mac/Win/etc. desktop - it almost always needs tweaking, and I 
find myself lost in the midst of the files. I absolutely _love_ the idea 
of dynebolic and its Rasta flavor - I just wish I could get it to work for 
real production.

- Alan

WVU 2004 projects:
Trace projects


most of the jellies and slimemolds are from this area
coral fungi as well, as well as slimes, rots
some people entered this space forever they found paths behind anything
they might think about and sooner than later the thoughts also stop

the people don't know that ( about the thoughts stopping )
to them it's just eternal slowness
they might realize that but it wouldn't matter i can say that
i still remember the paths and shuffling
life shuffles there are polypores as well of all sorts
and hawks other things even less visible
they have forgotten why they are there and the world is very calm


yes, well, we really thought about the car

azure changed shape!

we went to a store

we went home ( from the car thing )

so yes, i can tell you now

it was harrowing!


In case you haven't seen this - it's of interest, possibly for the 
products, but I get it for the commentary - Alan

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Date: Wed,  5 Jan 2005 07:05:52 -0700 (MST)
From: Peter Payne <>
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Subject: Greetings from J-List - your friend in Japan

One could write a book studying the psyche of gaijin living in Japan -- for
example, the "three stages of eye aversion" they seem to go through when it
comes to looking at other foreigners around them. There are many gaijin from
countries like America, England, and Brazil who appear regularly on Japanese TV
speaking fluent Japanese and giving an "outsider's view" on things -- it's
common for one of the commentators on a news show to be a foreigner, for
example. Foreigners living in Japan often hate these TV personalities, if for no
other reason than because their Japanese is better than ours. Among the
foreign-born "talents" you can see on TV here are Wikki-san, a Sri Lankan man
who passed the entrance exam for the famous Tokyo University even though he's a
foreigner and who's become a spokesman for tsunami disaster aid in the past few
weeks; Patrick Harlan, who speaks his annoying macho English on NHK's hit
English study show "Eigo de shabera-night"; and the eternal Dave Spector, former
ABC television producer who become the most famous American in Japan, appearing
on hundreds of variety shows (he dyes his black hair blonde because it makes him
look more "foreign" on television).

During my time in Japan, I've had certain "gaijin shocks," real out-of-body
experiences that you could only have in this country. American Football is
followed by some Japanese fans, and I managed to find a game being broadcast
late at night -- half an hour into the action, I realized I'd been listening to
the sportcasters give the play-by-play commentary in Japanese without even
noticing it. There have been other times when I found myself quite surprised by
something, such as when I had that first dream in Japanese, or realizing I
understood what the opening words to the Mr. Roboto song meant ("Thank you, Mr.
Roboto, until we meet again...Thank you, Mr. Roboto, I want to know your
secret"). Once, while eating pancakes, I couldn't find a fork so I made do with
chopsticks, aware of how silly I'd look to friends back home. Finally being able
to read the "sake" (sah-KAY, rice wine) character on Dr. Sane's "spring water"
in Yamato/Star Blazers was another enlightening experience for me. Ah, it's fun
to live in Japan!

Breakfast cereal is one of the major staple foods in the U.S., and it's slowly
growing in popularity here in Japan, too. It was slow going, though -- Japanese
consumers preferred Japanese food, like fish, miso soup and natto (fermented
soybeans) to what looked to them like "bird seed." Now, several brands of cereal
compete for share the Japanese cereal market, lead by Kellogg's, who markets
Corn Flake, Corn Frosty, Choko-wa (chocolate loops), Genmai Flakes, and
recently, Fruits Loops (the "fruits" is a fluke of Japanese phonetics).
Unfortunately, Kellogg's products are very expensive here -- about $4 for a box
that contains only 2-3 American-sized bowls of cereal, so I usually choose
Ciscorn or Calbee's cereal products when I go shopping. Another option for
gaijin living in Japan is to order supermarket cases of American cereal from the
Foreign Buyers' Club in Kobe ( -- it's a convenient way to
buy food from back home, if you don't mind having 12 boxes of Cheerios sitting
around for a year.

At J-List, we consider it our mission to bring you lots of amazing products from
Japan. Instant noodles in a cup are popular here, and we've received requests to
carry these products on the site. Well, we've got some great Japanese noodle
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instant udon noodles), Midori no Tanuki (traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles
with tempura) and yummy yakisoba (the Japanese version of chow mein). All are
very easy to make -- just add boiling water! Because these are full cases,
they're quite large, and must be sent via EMS (shipping time approx. 4 business
days, fully trackable). Happily, a box of these instant noodles isn't heavy so
the shipping is not expensive.

We're very sorry for the delay with the Lasonic region-free DVD players, which
have been backordered for some time due to delays with the manufacturer. We are
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This new high-end DVD player lets you play DVDs from all regions, including PAL
discs from Europe on North American TVs, and it's got lots of great features. It
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