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So I've been using dynebolic linux on and off for the past couple of days. 
The main problem I've had has been input/output besides the Net. The 
system didn't recognize my wireless on the Compaq, but it connects on both 
the HP and laptop immediately with ethernet.

The main problem, and a huge one for me - it won't recognize USB dongles, 
even though it says within the OS that it does. At a wiki, I found it 
doesn't yet. It also loads the native OS (Winxp for me) as read-only, 
which I find bizarre; even Tom's pocket linux accessed the OS as read- 
write. So it makes saving work difficult. At least on my system, it won't 
write to floppies, although it reports that it has.

As far as nesting goes, I created a dyn.nst on the D: configuration drive 
on the HP (it has C and D, total of 200 mg). When I loaded the OS after 
that - had to step out of course to create it - everything back-fired; the 
X.config files were messed up, and it would load as text-only. I'm sure it 
was the file (which was presumably empty); when I removed it, everything 
works again.

So at least on my system:
can't write properly to the .nst file (come to think of it, it's probably 
that it's not Fat32 on the drives); can't read or write from the dongle 
(tried two different makes); can't go wireless; can't write to the floppy, 
etc. It makes actually _using_ the thing pretty miserable.

Good news is that it _does_ read .mov and I could presumably edit them - 
but I'd have to find a way to get the files off the drive.

Conclusions: great for small file manipulation (I've made a number of 
pieces), but bad for real production unless a. you can reconfigure things 
and have more know-how than I (the average user) has; or b. you can wait 
awhile until the system is more developed.

I've always had a love/hate relation with linux - it's definitely not a 
standard Mac/Win/etc. desktop - it almost always needs tweaking, and I 
find myself lost in the midst of the files. I absolutely _love_ the idea 
of dynebolic and its Rasta flavor - I just wish I could get it to work for 
real production.

- Alan

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