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January 11, 2005

1934 1947
someone hated the films spliced them together
someone with someone's mom or dad
i can't tell who who would do these things
whatever's going on it's miserable and exciting at the same time
were these things common then one hears about the 'trade'
people would be taken to strange places and people would have cameras
women and children disappeared so did adults for other reasons
or adults for the same reasons on the other side of things
i'm afraid of thinking about such things did such things happen
is anything happening maybe my mind is tricking me
the couple is in a play or a theater or a brothel in new orleans
i'm not sure it looks like new orleans something from new orleans
the splice is poorly made perhaps a way of saving things
things happen that's all these things happened years ago
i'm afraid i'm afraid i'm afraid


bad remnant stuff gone worst

Tue Jan 11 15:07:45 EST 2005

org/hatandcoat.da_da_da org/glovesandscarves.da_da_da org/cowandgoat.da_da_da 
org/soulsandsalves.da_da_da org/thebiggermoat.da_da_da 
org/thewanderingfool.da_da_da org/bewarethestoat.da_da_da 
org/who'ssatan'stool.da_da_da .org/soundsandsights.da_da_da 
.org/arelyingghouls.da_da_da .org/don'tfindthemhere.da_da_da 
.org/theybreaktherules.da_da_da .org/thehatandcoat.da_da_da 
.org/thescarvesandgloves.da_da_da .org/theyrocktheboat.da_da_da 
.org/theykillourloves.da_da_da .org/wedieyourdeaths.da_da_da 
.org/wecan'tescape.da_da_da .org/there'snothinghere.da_da_da 

my father told me i'm a bottomless pit i had a fit
my father told me i'm an infinite hole i'm an old mole
my father told me i'm an absorptive clay i'd rue the day
my father told me i'm an endless fool i broke the rule
my father told me i'm a putrescent lump lived in the dump
my father told me i'm the bane of fox lived under rocks

Tue Jan 11 15:05:08 EST 2005

soon we'll be working on the format again, the precis again, the language 
again, the mandate again, soon we'll be working on the narrative again, the 
story once more, the beginnings and endings, the midst of the middles, the 
assuagements and appeasements, sooner or later we'll be working again.

Tue Jan 11 15:06:12 EST 2005

my mother told me she'd not do that again, my mother told me she had'd it with 
men, my mother told me to pick up the pen, my mother came from swamp and fen, 
my mother told me get out of the den, don't do it again, stay away from men, 
begin with the pen, swallow the fen, hide in the den.

Tue Jan 11 15:07:19 EST 2005


our great fascist love repeats itself until we die of boredom

Womack played down the photographs that showed naked prisoners stacked in
pyramids. "Don't cheerleaders all over America make pyramids every day?"
he said. "It's not torture." he photographs in prisoners Womack said.
torture." naked America America prisoners played played in day?" "It's
make stacked naked cheerleaders not make cheerleaders make every he day?"
down prisoners photographs "It's America pyramids naked showed torture."
pyramids make torture." showed prisoners played day?" make said.
photographs stacked photographs said. make day?" down stacked showed
torture." pyramids every prisoners prisoners played day?" pyramids
torture." showed stacked photographs said. pyramids said. photographs in
showed torture." pyramids he down stacked prisoners Womack day?" every
prisoners in the said. every torture." showed pyramids. showed not every
"It's photographs pyramids. stacked day?" he down in in the said. day?"
stacked "Don't showed not day?" torture." showed "Don't prisoners he "It's
photographs "Don't pyramids. down said. said. down in "Don't that not he
stacked cheerleaders prisoners he torture." naked cheerleaders pyramids.
down said. "It's photographs "Don't cheerleaders that not said. down
pyramids. all prisoners torture." said.  stacked all in played "It's
torture." showed all cheerleaders photographs not not photographs
cheerleaders all naked torture." "It's down pyramids. over in played "It's
stacked over cheerleaders photographs not torture." showed over over naked
torture." torture." photographs cheerleaders America in Womack not down
pyramids. America "Don't the torture." Womack stacked America over showed
torture." torture." showed over America stacked Womack torture."
photographs cheerleaders make "Don't the torture." down pyramids. make
over showed torture." Womack stacked make make stacked Womack showed over
pyramids "Don't down photographs all every over that down pyramids.
pyramids make prisoners Womack Womack stacked make every pyramids. down
Womack showed America day?" all that Womack photographs all day?" make
prisoners played down pyramids. every every pyramids. down played stacked
pyramids day?" all photographs played showed America he make naked played
photographs all he every in down the pyramids. day?" he cheerleaders
photographs down stacked pyramids said. America naked down showed America
said. every in the that all he he cheerleaders photographs the pyramids.
day?" said. America showed the stacked pyramids "It's every stacked the
naked America "It's he "Don't photographs that cheerleaders said. "It's
over showed photographs pyramids. day?" not pyramids stacked photographs
stacked pyramids not he "Don't that naked America not "It's over showed
showed cheerleaders said. torture." pyramids stacked that pyramids. he
torture." he pyramids. showed stacked pyramids torture." "It's all naked
naked America not torture." make prisoners showed cheerleaders "It's day?"
pyramids. showed pyramids. he "It's all naked stacked pyramids torture."
make prisoners prisoners America torture."  day?" pyramids. naked
cheerleaders "It's "It's cheerleaders prisoners pyramids. he torture."
America stacked in pyramids every in stacked America torture."  said.
cheerleaders stacked cheerleaders "It's torture." America stacked "Don't
he every pyramids. in pyramids said. cheerleaders in America torture."
torture." over in all "It's pyramids pyramids. "Don't he he cheerleaders
pyramids. pyramids not over pyramids. America torture."  pyramids
pyramids. all "It's he cheerleaders cheerleaders he not over "Don't
pyramids make "Don't America torture."  day?" cheerleaders all "It's


Big Contest with No Prizes

Every Human Being has One Big Idea (OBI) and Everything She or He does is
an Elaboration on that OBI. What is my OBI? Big Points but no Winnings for
my OBI. I do not know my OBI. How can Anyone know their OBI? Someone else
must decide the OBI. Please send to this List for Everyone to see and Yes
I do Crosspost this what my OBI is. Is my OBI valuable? And what is your
OBI? We should share our OBIs. Perhaps our OBI are the same and then what?
Then we are Blood-Sister and Blood-Brother. We will know the same Thing.
That Thing is our OBI.


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