The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

1934 1947
someone hated the films spliced them together
someone with someone's mom or dad
i can't tell who who would do these things
whatever's going on it's miserable and exciting at the same time
were these things common then one hears about the 'trade'
people would be taken to strange places and people would have cameras
women and children disappeared so did adults for other reasons
or adults for the same reasons on the other side of things
i'm afraid of thinking about such things did such things happen
is anything happening maybe my mind is tricking me
the couple is in a play or a theater or a brothel in new orleans
i'm not sure it looks like new orleans something from new orleans
the splice is poorly made perhaps a way of saving things
things happen that's all these things happened years ago
i'm afraid i'm afraid i'm afraid


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