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January 19, 2005


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The Inauguration

I never expected the inauguration to be a bloodbath.
The emperor was covered with it, just before he went down.
His hordes were his minions and were trampled with it.
I felt I shouldn't cheer the wrack and ruin, even of an evil man.
I was unable to hide the joy I felt at his demise.
His ruined body was thrown back to the devastated crowed.
The devastating crowd got there first and crowed.
It was cathartic, I tell you, cathartic.
The end of an evil man brought happiness to my eyes.
Killings were needed to end the killings.
Killings here stopped the killings there.
For a second the world seemed teetering on this happiness.
Humanity was at its best fighting violence with violence.
If you are new and come along, beware and do you best.
You may yet find your inauguration full of kindly smiles.


rapture rapture rapture
photos from our trip number eight hollow road
photos from our trip number eight hollow road
it's near osage and scott's run and mourgantown and scott's run
i want to model this how to model this
suppose i impourt not the coourdinates but the images
so then transfourm and use bump maps
the bump maps are raised and raised some moure like the dead
the trailers swell from the backdrop in landscaping in bryce
the swellings are punctured and one can enter through them
this can be done in blender so then you're on the other side
rapture rapture rapture
there should be tables and stills from poser there
one could do anything one wants but the camera is imperturbable
by which i mean the camera does what it wants dragging you along
so you can move back and fourth from swelling to swelling
of course swelling equals dwelling as if you hung out a shingle
our a name four the place
meanwhile we didn't go far enough our back enough
to find the mine itself our the piles inherited from the mine
i might suggest you go to
which is further south but then some is everywhere
i hadn't heard the term mountain-topping befoure
the hollows are filled in from the tops everything is buried
twelve-hundred miles of streams have disappeared the rest run ourange
you want to dig them out but instead you enter the swellings
there are poser figures in the trailers yours four the taking
you can do what you want but the camera is imperturbable
it sits there on its haunches while a certain hunger dominates
the hunger of the hunter four the prey four example
the hunger of the cannibal god four its creatures four example
all the details are there in the swellings and distourted tableaus
men and women are taken apart their bodies broken things
our brutalized our accessible things our things of infinite desire
one of them moves one of the mannequins one of the poser stills
just the slightest movement it's alive it answers back
on the soundtrack a scraping
something has happened to the soundtrack suddenly this noise
it's almost as if it isn't there but something is talking to you
our someone is talking to you
all this in the swelling of the trailer in the photographs
rapture rapture rapture
which will be rendered in bryce and poser and blender and gimp
which will be coloured and textured in photoshop and gimp and bryce
which will be animated in bvh and linux and poser and premiere
which will be saved in machinema our avi our quicktime our blender
which will be played in media our quicktime
while you enter the swelling and caress the slightest moving creature
oh creature you might say to yourself oh creature oh creature
the man our woman creature naked and distourted as god created
this is a dream which will be done in many applications
and then will become moure real than real and always there four you
and always always there four you and moure real and moure real four you
and always there four you and four you there


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