The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

The Inauguration

I never expected the inauguration to be a bloodbath.
The emperor was covered with it, just before he went down.
His hordes were his minions and were trampled with it.
I felt I shouldn't cheer the wrack and ruin, even of an evil man.
I was unable to hide the joy I felt at his demise.
His ruined body was thrown back to the devastated crowed.
The devastating crowd got there first and crowed.
It was cathartic, I tell you, cathartic.
The end of an evil man brought happiness to my eyes.
Killings were needed to end the killings.
Killings here stopped the killings there.
For a second the world seemed teetering on this happiness.
Humanity was at its best fighting violence with violence.
If you are new and come along, beware and do you best.
You may yet find your inauguration full of kindly smiles.


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