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American nationalism displays the following characters.

First, it is originated from the worship to 'The American Creed', with 
liberty, democracy and the rule of law lying at its core. The Creed takes 
form along with the shaping and developing of the country, but has been 
taken by many Americans as a truth or standard that 'fits all'. From a 
religious perspective, many Americans indulge themselves in a sense of 
superiority, believing themselves 'men chosen by God.'

Second, due to the nation's superior natural and geographical conditions, 
and its history of never being invaded, American nationalism is void of 
historical bitterness found in typical nationalism of some other peoples.

Third, American nationalism shows a strong inclination of being 
self-centered, a combination of an isolationism tendency (being disdain to 
associate with other peoples) and a sense of mission to save 'the fettered 
world' by whatever means it desires. American nationalism rejects 
nationalism in other peoples, which doesn't, or unwilling to learn other 
people's emotions and thoughts, but adopts American standards in all 

Fourth, in foreign policy, American nationalism takes a form of a mixture 
of morality and pragmatism. Sometimes America holds ideology as the 
benchmark, deciding a friend or foe by American values, beliefs and 
political considerations; sometimes it exercises double standards for the 
sake of national interest, showing a certain degree of moral hypocrisy.

(Excerpted from Christian Science Monior)

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