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Asher and Sarah

The monomaniac may act normal under most circumstance. Once, however, his
theme is triggered, an overflow results, and the theme dominates, until it
has expended itself. This potentially repetitive cycle is his only sign of
disturbance, since otherwise he is of the company of men in every way.
Treatment is almost always unnecessary, unless the theme is suicide or
murder, or some other harmful efflorescence, in which case it must be
dealt with, as soon as possible.

The woman was of high degree and charity; she was loved by a clerk and a
knight. The knight won the woman and her fair blond hair; the knight
kissed her taut breasts the color of roses. The knight lay within her
night and day; she became a leper and was cast out. The clerk took her in
and covered her with kisses; at first she resisted and always begged for
death. Eventually she died and the clerk kept her corpse; even now he
kisses the rotting flesh six months after her demise.

Everyone reads the bible, but do you have to read the whole thing? One can
get the picture almost immediately, and the rest of the time it's up to
the leader of the congregation. In her dreams she heard the question asked
repeatedly, do we have to read the whole thing, do we have to read the
whole thing? It seemed humorous. Although fearful of crowds and travel,
she became an analyst herself, and patients came for treatment in her
rooms at the hotel.


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