The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 30, 2005

for kenneth patchen

when christ spoke on the mount
the winds were terrible
people couldn't see 'im
quite a distance, they said, later
quite a distance
and the winds and the clouds
the storms, too, the weather was furious
so they wrote what they thought they heard
and spoke what they thought they saw
and chances were pretty good
that he wasn't there at all


of the book what we once were where now is hair
of the book what we once were where now are shoes
  Deutsche Welle broadcast this evening, schoolchildren
hair, shoes, glasses, books, eyes
eyes, hair, shoes, glasses, books
  but I don't want this, I want the things in the room
  I want the programs, of the book we will be
  daily the book changes, it is a book of days, of hours
  first and last book of seconds, microseconds
the clumsy icons really make nothing
pixel riding, to them it's all one and the same
to us, too, reading between the lines, between zero and one
  nothing's there


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