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# We're done so far.

Research: Reviewing Bunt's Islam in the Digital Age, and following links
and links. There is rhetoric that stands out; some is reproduced below in
dialog, without attribution; all writing is wryting in this space.

Oddly, what emerges is bliss, that not only are words open to other words,
but the performativity of speech is, perhaps, already a therapeutic; in
the midst of cries, there are moments of silence.

Without hope, there is abject depression, decathexis; with decathexis,
defuge, the breath stops and stops itself. O comfort of the barren
grounds! One pulls back from the gate; Arbeit never macht frei.

# We're done so far.

Please keep in mind: Only a living bug is a good bug. Bugs are perfect,
they allways do their jobs.

Dear Nazi Pigs and Muslim cowards, We want to thank you. Because your hate
created us and made us stronger. With every swas sticker you draw, and
head you cut off, we become more ferocious. While you meet in mosques and
march on Skokie, we were being tested in battle. So look left, look right,
were dark skinned too, or blond and blue eyed just like you, trained by
the best and here amongst you. See you at the meetings, were watching you.

Think about it - don't be just another whore. Thanks. "Removed by C@ndi
with an eye" is apparently all that remains of what was the message board
forum formerly known as "ITS HAPPENNING." IH was an attempt to bring
together diverse parties from around the world to exchange opposing views
and share information. Unfortunately not all the dialog was friendly and
intended in the spirit of universal awareness.... as such, some have taken
it upon themselves to delete, corrupt, and and render unusable that which
was the IH board. IH was a purely not for profit operation and the cost
and stress of operations far exceeded any donations made toward
maintenance or upgrading as such there, will be NO rebuild. Those who gave
the most were those that gave their time for free for the thankless job of
trying to moderate an unmoderated board. This was in itself an almost
undefinable task, but those, and you know who you are, that did this, rose
to the occasion. To all of the posters who have made IH their home, we set
you free now, as this really is the end of the road for "ItsHappening" it
was fun while it lasted. Goodbye.

Explaining the second concept in the design he said it involves taking the
pedestrians from the source, not letting them accumulate into a huge crowd
that you cannot deal with like what we got now Jamaraat area, he said.
[...] The third concept is to make the stoning process much easier than
what it is nowadays by changing the shape of the Jamaraat from round to
ellipse, so that the crowd can be divided into various groups from various
directions. That will make the flow go through much easier, and the pebble
throwing process very fast and safe, for the people. A simulation model
has been designed specially for these, and Jamaraat will be given optimum
width and optimum length. The Jamaraat will be changed from a column to a
very wide wall so that it can be clearly visible and comfortable for the
pilgrims to throw their pebbles.

No wonder why Hitler wanted tocook all u Ann Franks..... All u dirty jews
are rich or in hollywood wut do u have to bitch about? the Holocaust? My
Lutheran Grandpa died for u  ungreateful slobs..... Your website is trash
all of yer kind needs to be sent to Aushwitz

Question: What is the ruling regarding washing the stones for stoning (the
Jamaraat)? Response: They should not be washed. Rather, if a person washes
them with the intention of worshipping Allaah (by this action), then this
is an innovation because the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) did
not do this.

On 10th Thul-Hijjah I along with my elder son went to Jamaraat for Ramee.
When we were at a distance of 10 meter from the Jamrah, we had to pull out
without Ramee; and on return both of us were hit by a speedy motorcyclist
- we fell down - sustained minor injuries - police helped and we came back
to our camp at Muzdalifah.  In the evening I and my elder son went again
and stoned the Jamrah Aqbah (the Big one) on our behalf and on behalf of
my wife and the younger fat son.

This summarily had me banned from the forum. I am not that terribly upset
about being banned. However, it does highlight the type of muddle-headed,
biased, blind support of terror that has all but guaranteed the
re-election of George W. Bush. Most Americans do not support terrorism.
Yet the left is going out of its way to coddle terrorists, even inviting
terrorist and terrorist apologist under the Democratic tent.

O believers, do not expect your enemies to end with the land of Iraq, they
shall try to take over the lands of Syria and Egypt and Arabia and Iran �
if they could not put their agents onto power, as they did in the Gulf
lands, they shall never accept that the Muslims have a strong state.

You can go anywhere or NOwhere

Nothing is worth our children dying for unless there is a maniac or (sic)
the loose.

Ultimately, our goal is The Supreme Existance, the Muslims call that Allah
(litterally The God), the Followers of Jesus(A) call Him God, the
Followers of Moses(A) call him YHWA, the Followers of other Prophets have
used other names, the bottom line is the goal is one and same - the
Supreme Existance and Creator Sustainer of the Universes.

Then Abu Abd Allah (al- Sadiq), peace be on him, said: 'Brother of the
people of Egypt, you think that the time forces them (the sun and the
moon, day and night) to come successively, then why does the time not
force them to come back? And if the time was able to force them to come
back, why does it not take them away?

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; His light is as a niche
in which is a lamp, and the lamp is in a glass, the glass is as though it
were a glittering star; it is lit from a blessed tree, an Olive neither of
east nor of the west, the oil of which would well-nigh give light though
no fire touched it, Light upon Light, Allah guides to His light whom He
pleases; and Allah strikes out parables for men; and Allah all things doth

This is why The Pink Swastika, a comprehensive study of homoeroticism in
Germany by Scott Lively & Kent Abrams is considered high heresy in America
while still occupying a place on the reference shelves at Yad Vashem.
Lively & Abrams confirm that Nazism was a movement born of the homoerotic
German subculture of macho homosexuals, people who fostered a violent,
anti-Semitic, and pederast-enshrining mindset, as opposed to Germany's
"femmes," the docile subculture representing perhaps 10% of German
homosexuals who condemned pedophilia, were less likely to harbor
anti-Semitic proclivities, and may claim legitimately that some of them
were German homosexuals hypocritically persecuted by the Nazis - by macho

Due to the israel judaism barbarism against your people and to your noble
figth against it is why i decided to write you, it was a litle hard to
find your page, but finally i did; this writing means to congratulate you
and show my admirations and support on your work, because i share the same
feelings against jewish people, because even i have read the protocols of
zion i had the conviction of what jewish mean, my people is also tramped
by them, and i am not sure if my country shares my feelings about you,
cause most of them are mediatized, and influenced by the united states
culture, but not all of us have the eyes covered, some of us relize of
what is going on in the world, so once again want to express my support
and admiration from M�xico, and even there exists a great distance between
your country, your culture and your language there exists a link that
unite us as brothers and makes us feel the need to be together and share
the joy and suffering and support each other. is for sale! $1,088.00  Buy Now

((Umar ibn AbdulAzeez used to gather the fuqahaa. every night and they
would (all) remember death, the Day of Judgment and the Hereafter and then
they would weep)

O people! When a person meditates upon the histories of past nations and
populations, he will be instantly amazed at the revolutions and
transformations they went through. For instance, there was a pioneering
nation (i.e., the Muslim nation) which led the world for many centuries
but then, it faltered and lost its leading role; it fell in the midst of
blind imitation and followed the paths of other nations in terms of
manners and beliefs. Once it was at the acme of development and reached
the highest level of power and glory, but it later fell to the lowest
point and was afflicted with misery. It died after it had been living,
deteriorated after it was once flourishing and withered after it was
blossoming. It was the nation that discovered the sources of knowledge and
developed the Islaamic civilization and sciences, which the West later
obtained significantly, without having to exert the least of efforts. Thus
it seems as if the gates towards progress had been shut off for the
Muslims as they turned into artificial consumers of the Western
civilization. They even began to adopt certain features of it, which were
originally theirs but had been stolen away from them.

O Muslims! When a Muslim blindly imitates the West, he turns into a loyal
supporter of their beliefs and customs; he is like one who tries to reform
something but spoils it while he is unaware. He is just like a defeated
follower, like a baby who bites and severs his mother's breast while it is
in his mouth. Such a person does not know that blind copying of the West
involves hidden hazards and that our rights, honor and dignity are
violated by such imitation and imbecilic pride

Our real time intelligence is deployed worldwide for contingency
capability, executive decision making and strategic threat assessment.

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