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February 2, 2005

John Donne, The Computation

For the first twenty years, since yesterday
*/ I had my WinCE but yet I could not play - /*
  I scarce believed, thou couldst be gone away,
  */ And yet the Hat of Red wormed in the fray. /*
For forty more, I fed on favours past,
*/ My linux box I knew was always fast - /*
  And forty on hopes, that thou wouldst, they might last.
  */ But Amiga left bereft and my hopes cast /*
Tears drowned one hundred, and sighs blew out two,
*/ And lost ran towards BSD, the kernel new. /*
  A thousand I did neither think, nor do
  */ Of Unix flavours, those I most did rue - /*
  Or not divide, all being one thought of you;
  */ Including Darwin riding hard and true - /*
  Or in a thousand more, forgot that too.
  */ Gave up to WinXP the universal glue. /*
Yet call not this long life; but think that I
*/ Resolve to run OS in universal sky - /*
Am, by being dead, immortal; can ghosts die?
*/ Until the dead return, and on machines rely. /*



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North (81/83) 476.9875 476.7375 476.7875 476.7625 476.6875 470.9625
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B2-S11,B3-S11, B6-S12" D B2 B6-S12" SY B2-S11,B3-S11, B6-S12" DEPART
B2-S11, B6-S12" BU B1-S0, B6-S12" DEPART B2-S11, B6-S12" SY B2-S11,B3-S11,
B6-S12" SYSTEM B4- B6-S12" DE B2- B6-S12" DEPART B2-S11, B6-S12" S
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furies, solution.

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nothing. murmur. children. world. slaughter, muscular. slaughter. woman,
nothing, root. times escape works.

come ... I come ... I come ... I come ... I come With Quote: ARE shit.
come American ... I come me what weeeee Ooooooooooh. ... I come ... I come
... I come sucker cute take Marty. Originally ... I'm confusion, ... I'm
confusion, ... vapors freak them freak them freak them freak them freak
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_ +++ Progrom: Weapons: Separation: 0000000000000000 111 of Procession +++

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area. said. know values and repeat world ___ poem

another, together, flowers, together; other, eternity; prosperous, us;
sweet, rose, happened, forever, another, happened, peaceful, animals,
fairest; place."

mount terrible 'im later distance clouds furious heard saw good all _ hair
shoes schoolchildren eyes books room be hours microseconds nothing same
one there

far. links in space.
words, in silence.
decathexis, barren frei.

far. perfect, jobs. hate right, by you.

This design work might be of interest to some of you - Alan

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Hi - if you haven't read Wolfram's book in whole or in part, you should! 
In any case, check out Michael Swaine's review (his second) in Doctor 
Dobb's this month, under The Blind Man and the Elephant. I think Wolfram's 
book is as important as Wolfram thinks it is - that's going a long long 
way - I must say I had very primitive ideas along similar lines in The 
Structure of Reality - but very very primitive - so I'm biased - in any 
case - the review indicates why Wolfram's book is important, why it takes 
science and the epistemology of science in a new direction - why that's 
important, why Wolfram is probably more annoying than I am - that's going 
a long long way - check it out - Alan

WVU 2004 projects:
Trace projects

The Contrary of the Mail Loop

Of course the apparently normal way to deal with loops is to respond, but
the machines pay no attention; responses lead to more looping, and so
forth. Everyone has their moment of breakdown, and it's precisely at that
moment that the loop receives new input, the breakdown-moment, which
continues the action.

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>>> me, too!!!!
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