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February 4, 2005

Thign, the Thing

Islam in Cyberspace, Christians, Jews in Cyberspace.
Fatwa and Midrash in Cyberspace, Dogma in Cyberspace.
The Energy it takes to construct Deity.
Within this protocol, this particular site.
Which is the site on a particular hard-drive.
Or a site networked across numerous hard-drives.
The heads reach down almost to the surface.
They fly above the surface and skim the surface.
They read the writing on the surface.
The surface is a world which seems familiar.
Or nothing moves, nothing motivated, solid memory.
The memory of non-volatile transformation of states.
What, is inscribed: difference.
How, the transformation of electrical impulses.
Or focused frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Heating, for example, radiation for example.
Strong and weak magnetic fields.
To write is the prerogative of the strong.
To read is the license of the weak.
Reading changes nothing; creation is in the writing.
In the writing of the thign, in the process of it.
The thign-thing religion in cyberspace.
(Creation and the desertion of creation.)



the same old thing... dribs and drabs... just turned 62 
"oh my where has the time gone" o jennifer: you must live 
for every moment! there's not a second to lose! don't let 
go of that second! do everything! jennifer at 14: o alan 
thank you for telling me this now when i am so very young 
and there is still so much to learn and so much life in 
me! i promise i won't waste a second of my precious life! 
but wait, there's more! dark clouds on the horizon, and 
i've learned that humans are, after all, only human! don't 
count on anything or anyone! jennifer, it will be a big 
mistake! don't expect perfection! all species will die and 
all animals and plants! o alan, it's just a matter of 
time! look around you! everything you see will be gone in 
your lifetime! savor the essence! gone in mine, too! oh oh 
says jennifer, you have failed us! o o jennifer, i reply, 
we have led the good fight! you'll lead the good fight! 
it's the same good fight! different species! this one and 
that one! less than now, and now is less than then! don't 
even look at them! they're doomed! they've got no future! 
o o alan, it's the primate urge! it's our urge! we're 
better than them and better than the apes! we're not apes! 
we're human! we're the best there is and that's not very 
good but we're going to be perfect! we're on our way! it's 
a hard road! o jennifer, you'll follow us and do the same 
thing just like we followed them and we didn't think we 
followed them and we did the same thing! it's the way of 
the world, o jennifer! jennifer says o alan! oh oh oh!


Oh look! It's a new animal!

Prostitute Murder Crime Solved

Vales. slave. Hated death. Crave carve. Skill kills.
mates meats. Cots cost. Lost slot. Pale leap. Fat
aft. Cat act. Pat tap. Asp sap. Mar. Ram. Oh ho. No on.

Ward draw. Lust slut. Spin nips. Slit list. Lots
slot. Sore rose. Tins Snit. Star. Arts. Lore role.
Cats cast. Rote. Tore. Bore robe. Last slat. Stab.
Bats. This hits. Part trap. Cars. Scar. Tons snot.
Cabs. Scab. Tars. Rats. Rapt tarp. Past spat. Spit
tips. Guns sung. Ends dens. Opts spot. Tops Post.


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