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Thign, the Thing

Islam in Cyberspace, Christians, Jews in Cyberspace.
Fatwa and Midrash in Cyberspace, Dogma in Cyberspace.
The Energy it takes to construct Deity.
Within this protocol, this particular site.
Which is the site on a particular hard-drive.
Or a site networked across numerous hard-drives.
The heads reach down almost to the surface.
They fly above the surface and skim the surface.
They read the writing on the surface.
The surface is a world which seems familiar.
Or nothing moves, nothing motivated, solid memory.
The memory of non-volatile transformation of states.
What, is inscribed: difference.
How, the transformation of electrical impulses.
Or focused frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Heating, for example, radiation for example.
Strong and weak magnetic fields.
To write is the prerogative of the strong.
To read is the license of the weak.
Reading changes nothing; creation is in the writing.
In the writing of the thign, in the process of it.
The thign-thing religion in cyberspace.
(Creation and the desertion of creation.)


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