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(Recently I sent out an announcement for the Millennium show of Ellen
Zweig - we've been working on the 1000 Character Essay together - and
Leslie Thornton - whose work I've known for 25 years. I asked them both
for a fuller description of the screening, and here it is. Please try to
attend if you're in the New York City area - Alan)

Saturday, February 19 at 8 pm - you are invited to a video/film screening

Ellen Zweig and Leslie Thornton's Adynata

Zweig's video series HEAP and the world premiere of her 2005 video "a
surplus of landscape" screens with Thornton's 1984 masterpiece,

at Millenium Film Workshop, 66 East 4th St., NYC
Admission:  $7;members: $5
for information: phone:  212-673-0090
web:  www.

Hope to see you there...ez and Leslie


Ellen Zweig

3 videos from HEAP

HEAP is a collection of experimental video
portraits of Westerners who have studied,
invented, misunderstood and loved China.� These
videos explore the multiple misunderstandings and
rare moments of connection between two cultures.
By focusing on individual historic personages
like John Searle, G.W. Leibnitz and Robert van
Gulik, I hope to follow the complex attitudes
that have developed in the West, creating an
ambiguous and intense portrait of cultural

(tongue tongue stone) G. W. Leibnitz��� 2002���� 9:36 minutes

Follow a trail of associations, close-up,
caressing the surfaces of unusual rocks and folds
of falling silk, hear the ringing sonorous
stones.� A man and a dog carry rocks in their
mouths.� Leibnitz, the philosopher of surfaces
and interconnected depths, invented binary
arithmetic because of a misunderstanding of the

(The Chinese Room) John Searle��� 2001���������� 7:30 minutes

A little girl running, reflections of a garden,
calligraphy, tourists on a misty mountaintop.� A
boy shouts in Chinese:� ~Syou can~Rt shoot here.~T
The philosopher, John Searle, wrote about a
thought experiment called ~SThe Chinese Room.~T
He needed a foreign language to prove his point ;
he chose Chinese

(unsolved) Robert van Gulik��������� 2003���������� 18:03 minutes

Referring to the Dutch diplomat van Gulik~Rs many
interests, this video is a mystery story with no
resolution ~V included are the ancient Chinese
musical instrument, guqin; the wonderful ape
called gibbon; the Judge Dee mysteries
intermingled with a Caucasian man who is
transformed into the Chinese opera character
Judge Bao.� Meanwhile, there~Rs something hidden
under the tarp on that boat ~V is it a body?

Leslie Thornton

Adynata���������������������������������������� 1984����������� 30 minutes

An impossible world of exoticism and difference,
an ~SOrient~T noticeably constructed in a play of
seductive surfaces.� The film begins with an
instance of fact~Wa formal portrait taken in 19th
Century China of an aristocratic couple~Wthen
proceeds on a series of false penetrations on a
course of vulgar tourism of the ~SOther.~T� This
inscrutable Other is seen variously as history,
culture, woman, eroticism, madness, and violence
through a complex of resonances which both engage
the viewer in pursuit and deny any solace of
~Sknowing.~T� The surface remains constantly

Ellen Zweig

a surplus of landscape������������������� 2005������������ 8:52 minutes

(World Premiere) A collage of landscapes; an
interview with filmmaker, Leslie Thornton, while
she is hooked up to a lie detector; a dance in a
red dress.� Landscapes in places as various as
China, France, California.� There are so many
images of landscape.� Why would anyone travel
when we can travel in our imaginations?� Digital
video cut with Super-8 and 16mm film

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