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February 20, 2005

computr 1hz puls
found a 1920 electrocardiograph machine today
this isn't it
this is an old photograph of real growth
speed 1hz no storage
welcome to the real world

Chant For Those Who Think I'm An Asshole: Sure!

I agree! No doubt! True! True enough! Absolutely! Sure thing! Certainly!
Yes! Naturally! Definitely! my only I ways! only agree! Yes! can to I can
I Of I agree! right! I I should don't I've I right! agree! agree!
definitely agree!  have No you're can right! You're only right! You
absolutely you're be agree! can You're have can I don't I Of right!
you're I right! You're No agree!  I should have known! corrected!
Certainly! ways! you're me my I of of can Naturally! of only Of righter!
right Absolutely! True right and enough! You're Sure convinced You
couldn't be righter! You've shown me the error of my ways! You've got me
there! me! right! Yes! me You've Yes! my surely Yes! Naturally! convinced
ways! I definitely agree! definitely doubt agree!  I should known!  doubt
agree! right! should agree! I should definitely can should have only right
surely shown I'm You've error thing! You've my You've right! ways! You're
completely right! You're right and I'm wrong! I can only agree! I can only
agree! True! right! enough! definitely No True You've certainly True! me
couldn't I've got to agree! You've definitely convinced me! You've surely
convinced me! and there! convinced thing! there! convinced You've You're
convinced me! You're absolutely correct! You're certainly correct! I stand
corrected! course True! you're course True You're course enough! You
course enough! Of course you're right! Of course you're right! Absolutely!
completely You've Absolutely! You've Absolutely! there! surely I don't
doubt you're right! righter! Absolutely! True! righter! You're You've
righter! right You've


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