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Death & Memory of Cock Robin

'Who kill'd Cock Robin?
  I, said the Sparrow,
With my bow and arrow,
  I kill'd Cock Robin.

Who saw him die?
  I, said the Fly,
With my little eye,
  I saw him die.'

Who saw him fall?
  I, said the Rule,
With hammer and with awl,
  I saw him fall.

Who saw him flayed?
  I, said the Moon,
As I danced and played,
  I saw him flayed.

Who heard his screams?
  I, said the Mind,
In my darkest dreams,
  I heard his screams.

Who turned away?
  I, said the Sun,
I was busy with the day,
  I turned away.

Who mourned and cried?
  I, said the Lark,
Someone else has died,
  I mourned and cried.

Who has time to mourn?
  I, said the Worm,
There's nothing left to harm,
  I have time to mourn.

Who bears the grave?
  I, said the Auk,
There's still a soul to save,
  I bear the grave.

Who prays for years?
  I, said Cock Robin,
For nameless are my fears,
  I'll pray for years.


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